Siri vs Google Assistant: The Battle of the Smartphone Assistants [Infographic] | Social Media Today

Virtual assistants are set to become a much bigger part of our every day process in 2017 and beyond. Already, Amazon’s Echo and Google Home are changing the way we interact around the home, and newer tools like Google Assistant and Facebook’s Messenger Bots are looking to expand that capacity to more of our everyday interactions.

Indeed, Google reported last year that 20% of mobile searches are now voice queries, underlining the shift. This is not just an advance in technology, this a whole new user behavior, one the next generation will grow up with, making it even more ubiquitous.

But right now, the option is growing, the uses cases are only just starting to take shape. So which of the current leaders in mobile personal assistants perform better – Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri?



[Source:- socialmediatoday]