As many marketing mavens know, social proof refers to a component of the advertising process in which a brand attains greater and greater levels of legitimacy and influence based on the fact that it has a large, growing audience and customer base. In a certain sense, social proof functions as a form of word-of-mouth advertising given that a brand’s legitimacy is affirmed by people speaking about it positively. When individuals who are not already customers overhear the discourse, they are much more likely to become curious about the product line, buy things, and eventually become enthusiastic brand ambassadors. To put these brand-building processes in motion, make sure that you spend time focusing on how to build social proof in the online realm. Here are three strategies that you can implement to get the process going and growing:

1. Do The Target Market Research.

One incredibly effective social proof strategy that could work wonders for your brand is doing your target market research regularly. This step is important because it helps you advertise your brand to the right people and in the right way. Once this happens, you’re on your way to building the big base of loyal clients. This process is immensely important because it metabolizes a process referred to as “Wisdom of the crowd,” which is essentially the affirmation of a good’s value based on the popularity of a product. Put simply, having millions and millions of people say your coffee tastes great is better than having a thousand say so. With this reality in mind, make sure you’re doing the foundational work of target market research to ensure that you know your audience and can implement advertising strategies that keep their eyes glued on your brand.

2. Encourage Online Review Production.

Once you’ve done your target market research and developed a big base of loyal clients, it’s time to ensure that they start affirming the value of your brand. You put this process in motion by asking them to leave positive online reviews about your products. There are several ways that you can make this happen. One is by simply asking them to leave the review. This is enough for some people, but not everyone. If the mere ask is not enough, provide an incentive such as a promotional product, discount on their next purchase, etc.

In addition to encouraging your satisfied customers to write great online reviews about your brand, consider the value of posting affirming testimonials about your product or service line on your website. This is a great way to show your site visitors that other people have found your brand to be valuable or life-enhancing in some significant way!

3. Produce Twitter Polls.

Another strategy you can implement to put the social proof process in full swing is producing Twitter polls. Twitter polls will involve you coming up with brand-related questions, posing them to your audience, and publishing the results. The power of the Twitter poll is that it shows people who have not already made purchases from you that many other individuals are actively engaging your brand. This lets them know that there’s something about your brand that others find interesting enough to pay attention to. A wonderful by-product of the Twitter poll process is that it helps business owners conduct meaningful research that will help them fine-tune their marketing and product development processes in a manner that leads to more substantive conversion rates.

Another Thing To Focus On

In addition to focusing on the implementation of the digital marketing strategies outlined above, make sure that you concentrate on attaining exemplary business consulting services. These services will empower you to obtain a second opinion about various strategies, systems, and solutions you’re currently implementing to facilitate growth. Note that companies such as Predictive Service are passionate about providing clients with dynamic electrical infrared inspection services as well as predictive maintenance, asset optimization, and work management services.


Three strategies that you can implement to cultivate social proof in the online world include doing your target market research, encouraging online reviews, and producing Twitter polls. Utilize these strategies alone or in conjunction to begin seeing substantive results in the online realm!