What the Fluff

When it comes to challenges on the internet, there are those for a good cause, those that fall under the weird category and those that are just LOL-worthy.

After the Ice Bucket challenge for awareness of ALS, Condom snorting challenge, the latest one to take the internet by storm is ‘What the Fluff challenge’ which involves pulling the wool on a pet. There is no reason behind this particular challenge except to get a good laugh.

It involves fooling the dog and people are getting some really adorable reactions out of their furry companions. The challenge requires the dog owner to hold a large cloth and stand in a doorway and pull off a disappearing trick on your dog. Basically, the moment they drop the cloth, they need to run away as quickly as they can to make it seem like they vanished into thin air.

While some managed to really shock their dogs, others had a harder time as some of their dogs followed them right behind the cloth and refused to let them go. There were also those who didn’t even blink an eye at their vanishing owner.