If you ever tried to log into Instagram on the web, you probably weren’t very happy with the experience. Yes, your account was there, and you could browse through your posts, but pretty much everything else was absent.

This changed recently with the introduction of the notifications tab, a little heart-in-a-circle icon in the upper right corner, which shows you a feed of activities related to your account. There you can see if anyone followed you, tagged you, liked your posts or commented on them.

This still doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy the Instagram web experience very much — the mobile apps are still vastly better. For example, the Explore tab is missing, so you can only see your own posts and the posts of your friends, but good luck finding something fresh. And the Activity tab itself is only showing activities related to your posts, not to those of your followers (like it does on mobile).

Furthermore, I wouldn’t mind having the option to actually post photos from the web interface. It may seem counterintuitive, as most of our photos nowadays are created on our phones and tablets, but sometimes it would be nice to see (and edit) the photo on a big screen prior to posting.

Nevertheless, with this latest addition you might actually want to open Instagram on the web every now and then.

The update follows another major feature addition from February — support for multiple accounts. Unfortunately, that option — available on Android under Profile – Options – Add Account — is missing from the web version as well.

[Source:- Mashable]