"The Grand Tour" debuted on Amazon Prime

There’s no such thing as a free ride, but millions of people are apparently trying to hitch one by illegally downloading episodes of Jeremy Clarkson’s new Amazon mega-hit, “The Grand Tour.”

Focusing on cars and different adventures shared by a group of friends, “The Grand Tour” has been pirated more times than any other show in history, analysts from the firm Muso told the Mail on Sunday.

Since the show was released, the first three episodes have been illegally downloaded 18.9 million times, according to data provided by Muso.


The staggering number makes it “the most illegally downloaded program ever,” even more than “Game of Thrones,” Chris Elkins, Muso’s chief commercial officer, told the Mail.

It’s no surprise the show is a hit for Amazon. It marks the return to the screen for Jeremy Clarkson, who was the star of BBC’s ratings juggernaut, “Top Gear.”

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told the Sunday Telegraph that bringing Clarkson and his friends to Amazon was “very, very, very expensive.”

So it’s a safe bet that Bezos and his team wish you’d cut them some slack and pay the $100 Amazon Prime fee to watch the show.




[Source:- NBC]