Snapdeal has launched a service called Cash@Home through which you can get up-to Rs 2,000 in cash delivered to your home.

The service, which is currently available in Gurugram and Bengaluru is free of any hidden terms and conditions. You don’t have to order anything from Snapdeal and have to pay just a convenience charge of Rs 1. The company says the money is being distributed as a “goodwill gesture”, and comes from the money it receives as CoD.

How does it work?
1. Install the Snapdeal App
2. Allow location access so it can check if there is cash available in your area
3. If cash is available, you will get a notification via SMS and on your mobile which will take you to the order page
4. Pay a convenience charge of Rs 1 either via FreeCharge or your debit/credit card
5. A Snapdeal executive will arrive at your house the next day with a POS machine and you have to just swipe your card to get the cash
6. There is a Rs 2,000 per day limit on the booking

Great move amidst cash crunch
This is a great move from the company at a time when people are really facing the heat due to demonetisation and are strapped of cash. Yes, this will increase the company’s reach and app installs and also frees up the company from having to deposit the cash in it’s own account, but is a great gesture nonetheless.

Rohit Bansal, co-founder, Snapdeal says “At Snapdeal, we aim to be the marketplace that seamlessly services every customer need. As the country transitions to a more digitally enabled economy, we’ve launched a series of timely initiatives – from wallet and card on delivery, to extending FreeCharge partnerships to smoothen this transition. The launch of the cash on demand service is intended to further help our consumers tide over any cash crunch that they might face in addressing their daily needs.”



[Source:- Techrader]