Chavez Web Design expands business to Lindsay

LINDSAY — In a society that is technology driven, it can be difficult for business owners who are not tech savvy, to establish an online presence. That is when you can turn to a specialist such as Chavez Web Design for help.

Beginning their business in 2008, Luis and Noemi Chavez have helped over 450 businesses with their online marketing. Businesses range from small, consisting of 10 employees or less to large businesses with over 200 employees. And their clients are typically between Visalia to Bakersfield.

Chavez Web Design’s main focus is web design and Internet marketing. Within Internet marketing they also specialize in search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, email marketing, video marketing, and social media. In addition, they can assist with logos and credit card processing.

“A lot of clients we get are just starting out, so we try to be a one-stop-shop. This way we can provide them with everything we can to get them going,” said Luis.

Originally a branch manager for Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Luis felt he was working too many hours and could not spend enough time with his wife and children. That is when he and his wife decided to put their marketing degrees to use.

“I could not get the time I wanted off. We both had a marketing background, began taking more courses on web design, and now we are here. I am overall just so much happier,” said Luis.

When the couple attended the Friday Night Market in Lindsay each week they began to realize they could help many of the small businesses they were seeing reach more clients and expand further. That is when they decided to join the Lindsay Chamber of Commerce.

“I am always seeking new ways to help more businesses in the community, and seeking ways we can get more business as well. We go to Lindsay every Friday, and we want to help those who are selling to be able to reach more people and create new jobs within their own business,” said Noemi.

After helping many small businesses increase in size during their career, Chavez Web Design feels they would be able to provide many of Lindsay’s businesses with more clients.

“One of the things we want to focus on with Lindsay is to let the small businesses know their service area can be bigger than 10 or 20 miles. You can open an online store and now the service area that was once 20 miles can reach up to 2,000 miles,” said Luis.

Chavez Web Design feels they are unique because they are local and certified.

“I am always taking more courses and getting more certifications. Things within web design are constantly changing, and I am always making sure I am up to date with those changes,” said Luis.

Luis Chavez also works closely with the Small Business Development Center by giving one-on-one sessions with new businesses to show them how they begin their Internet marketing. In addition, Luis will be going to Lindsay High School to give his next presentation to the Future Leaders of America club to inform them on what they will need to open their own business.

“My favorite part is knowing we made a difference in our client’s business. It has a ripple effect because the better they do, the more employees they hire, and that helps the economy. We are helping the community and to me that is very rewarding,” said Luis.