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How to get Bash running on Windows

Unix command line users around the world rejoiced when Microsoft announced recently it would be bringing the popular Bash shell to Windows 10 with a forthcoming update. Last Wednesday, the company released a beta build of its operating system that finally had support for the new functionality.

Dear Windows, OS X folks: Update Flash now. Or kill it. Killing it works

Adobe has published new versions of Flash to patch a vulnerability being exploited right now by hackers to hijack PCs and Macs. The APSB16-10 update addresses a total of 24 CVE-listed flaws, including one (CVE-2016-1019) that’s been exploited in the wild to inject malware into Microsoft Windows

Microsoft is boosting security through Windows 10 hardware

The burden of Microsoft’s efforts to secure Windows 10 is now falling on PC, tablet and smartphone makers. Microsoft is making a hardware-based security feature called TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 2.0 a minimum requirement on most Windows 10 devices. Starting July 28, the company will require device

Chrome abandons XP, Vista and older versions of OS X

Google yesterday released Chrome 50, and as promised last year, dropped support for Windows XP and Vista, along with three older editions of Apple’s OS X. The upgrade to Chrome 50 will not be recognized or downloaded by personal computers running Windows XP, Windows Vista, OS X

Apple may rebrand OS X as ‘MacOS’ this summer

Apple may be getting ready to rebrand its OS X operating system as MacOS, according to a since-altered page on the Cupertino, Calif. company’s website. The page, which touted Apple’s environmental efforts, used “MacOS” rather than “OS X” to label the Mac’s operating system. The Apple-focused website9to5Mac

Windows 10’s Edge browser finally gets add-ons

Microsoft yesterday updated its Windows 10 preview, adding support for extensions to the default Edge browser, finally fulfilling a promise it made last year that was itself a delay on a pledge to boost the browser’s functionality. As part of Windows 10 build 14291 — the latest

Samsung is developing a new OS for the Internet of Things

Samsung is developing a new operating system for the Internet of Things, hoping to make a bigger role for itself in the millions of smart home appliances, wearables and industrial equipment that are coming online. The OS, which will be open source and hasn’t yet been named,

15 years of OS X: How Apple’s big gamble paid off

Although OS X is now an integral part of the Mac experience, it represented a big gamble for Apple when the first general release version — code-named Cheetah — arrived on March 24, 2001. It was also a gamble that Apple had little choice in making —

Windows 10 passes 20% share in the U.S.

One in five Windows-powered devices steered to a host of U.S. government websites in March ran Windows 10, according to preliminary data. For the first time, Windows 10 accounted for more than one-fifth of the visits to sites tracked by the Digital Analytics Program (DAP), which mines

Microsoft Guns for Cloud Devs at Build 2016

At last week’s Microsoft Build 2016 conference, Executive Vice President for Cloud + Enterprise Scott Guthrie announced innovations in mobile app development, the Internet of Things, microservices and intelligence designed to help developers create apps for the company’s Azure cloud environment. One is Azure App Service, which