Long-time Windows and Mac users might rejoice at the thought that Linux is no longer exclusive to developers who wince at the sight of software that isn’t open-source. Nowadays, Linux is for everyone. Yes, you can put down your pitchforks, Windows and Mac users, as developers aren’t the only ones who can wince at the sight of software that isn’t open-source.

In fact, with hundreds of Linux distributions (distros) to choose from, it doesn’t matter whether you’re working with a hardy desktop rig or – as of recently – even a Surface tablet. There’s bound to be something out there that appeals to you.

See, Linux is just the heart, the kernel, of any Linux-based system. It’s the distribution that determines the rest – the user interface design, the installation process and application support are all up to the distro’s creator. Android and Chrome OS, for instance, are both based on the Linux kernel.

The only problem is, with such a wide array of customizable Linux variations out on the market, the decision itself might be enough to send you in Microsoft’s direction. Thankfully, we’ve put together this quintessential guide to all of the best Linux flavors that both enthusiasts and newbies alike can enjoy.

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[Source:- Techrader]