From smart locks to smart light, home technology is getting magical. The addition of newest devices and apps are simplifying tasks, making better use of resources, and transforming the way we live—just at a click from your smart phones. Using internet, you can now assemble your favorite gadgets from phone to make your home intelligent.

Though some of these gadgets are complex to use but most are handy and blends with the day-to-day activities in our lives. Here are some of the most promising gadgets that will allow us to automate our house, securing our lives and enhancing our convenience, reports Independent.


Nest smoke detector


Connect this smoke detector and it will talk to you if there’s smoke or CO and tell where the problem is so you know what to do. It also sends a message to your phone if the alarm goes off or the batteries run low. It is as dependable as a normal smoke and carbon monoxide indicator.

Philips Hue starter kit


Experience the peace of mind by controlling your lights wherever you are, with Philips’ Hue lights. It enables home automation through the light scheduling function. The Philips Hue white starter kit is compatible with Apple HomeKit technology. Not too bright, not too dark, just the right brightness.

Nest thermostat


Nest remembers the temperatures you like and programs itself accordingly. And if you don’t like that, all options are accessible from an app. It helps you save energy by automatically turning itself down when you’re away. It’s very easy to install, sometime consuming less than 30 minutes.

Canary security system


It is a perfect and all-in-one environment security system for your home. You control it from your phone, connecting all your smart devices together and making one security system that can do a lot. It’s built to learn and sends intelligent alerts with HD video and audio directly to your phone. This easy to set up system watches for intruders, sends you video of any irregular activity and also checks in on the temperature and air quality using a set of built-in sensors

Belkin WeMo switch


No worries now, if you left the iron, coffeemaker or hair straightener on, smart electricity switches can be hooked up to anything to make them internet-enabled. It set schedules and receives customized notifications. For instance, plugging a lamp will mean you can turn it on and off over the internet. You can also connect it to other services like thermostat or your phone’s location so that they’ll go off and on when you arrive and leave.

Netatmo weather station


It enables you to discover your environment and maximize your well being. The weather station’s outdoor module gives you real-time weather information that matters like wind and rain reports around the house even from afar using an app. the weather station’s indoor module measures your indoor comfort by providing vital information, alerting you when you need to air out your home to bring down its pollution levels.




Creating a connected kitchen that works for you, this internet-connected kettle will mean that you’ve got boiling water ready for your tea before you arrive in the kitchen. It helps you avoid that bitter taste and brew at the right temperature.

Logi Circle


Record and download video of the people and pets with Circle. You can place this portable sphere anywhere in the room you want to capture the video. For example, you can login live via the app. It’ll save any moments where there’s visual or audible activity that you can rewind. And you can also talk through your phone, if you want to shoo your kitty off the furniture.

[Source:- Siliconindia]