Where you choose to conceal carry your weapon can affect how quickly you can access it and how well you can conceal it. Consider these three concealed carry methods when deciding where you should carry your weapon.

1. Ankle

Ankle carrying a weapon requires the use of concealed carry ankle holsters. The ankle holster can be securely attached to your ankle and lower calf and is usually lined with some type of fur. Ankle carrying requires that you wear pants that are long and loose enough to cover the ankle holster, but leaves you free to wear whatever type of shirt you want and you do not need to wear a belt. Another benefit of ankle carrying is that a weapon at your ankle can be the easiest to reach if you are knocked down by an attacker and it is less likely that your attacker will see and try to take a gun holstered at the ankle.

2. Inside the Waistband

Inside the waistband is the most popular location for concealed carry. This carry method allows the wearer to tuck in his shirt, which makes it easier to conceal the weapon. This method allows the wearer to place the holster at almost any location on the waistband. Depending on where you position the weapon, this method can allow for a quick draw, but may be uncomfortable or restrict movement, particularly if you are carrying a larger weapon.

3. Pocket

Pockets can be a good location for smaller weapons. It can be more difficult to draw from a pocket holster than some other options but may be more feasible in certain situations or with some types of clothing.

Choosing the right carry method is an important component of effectively carrying a concealed weapon. If you are unsure which is best for you, experiment with different options.