Artisto for Android, iOS Offers Artistic Video Filters; Beats Prisma to the Punch

Photo-filter app Prisma made its presence felt round the world last month and has given way to a host of other filter apps that are aiming to mimic the app’s success. Prisma also announced last month that it was working on a video-filter feature. However, there is an app that has beaten Prisma to this feature and its name is Artisto.

Artisto for Android and iOS applies filters to videos just likePrisma applies filters to pictures, it is really that simple. Like Prisma, it also uses machine-vision based algorithms.

However, the part where Artisto shines is the speed with which it applies the filters and hands it back to you. Where on one hand Prisma is being criticised by some users for the amount it takes to give back the processed pictures, this app gives back processed videos to you in rather time.

The Artisto app allows you to apply filters to videos that are already in your gallery or shot from your phone through the app. You have to select the 10-second sequence that you want to apply the filter to and the app does the rest for you.

However, there are many users on Google Play who are complaining that the app is not being able to apply filters to the already existing videos but seems to work fine for the videos shot through the app.

Unfortunately, the Android app is not yet available in all regions across the world, with the Google Play listing in India revealing Artisto cannot be installed in the country. It can be expected to roll out across the globe soon however. It is already available for iOS users in India via the App Store.

As for the type of filters on offer, the Google Play description reads – “Enjoy the super effects used to be available only to DreamWorks, Pixar, Disney and other famous studios! See the world through the eyes of Van Gogh, Dali, Picasso and other great artists!”

It will be interesting to see how Prisma’s video-filter fares when it is introduced against Artisto, and whether it is actually able to match the speeds that Artisto is able to provide.
[Source: Gadget360]