Uber announces new developer tools for better integration of the app

We’ve already seen third-party developers pairing with Uber for improved integration of their app. The company has now announced two more tools to help developers get the better out of Uber’s services. One of the new features allows devs to deep link the service directly in their app.

One example of this is the ability to ‘Book a Ride’ directly from an app (like Zomato), allowing customers to ride to their nearest restaurant. This widget on the app can also give you an ETA of the ride.

Secondly, Uber has also announced something known as Trip Branding. This allows developers to provide information about their offering right within the Uber app. For example, if you’re on your way to a restaurant that you picked via Zomato, a slider on the bottom will let you see the entire menu for that particular restaurant without exiting the Uber app.

The feature is also available on the Hilton and Citymapper apps. Of course, Uber will also want to add more developers into the mix here and has made all the necessary details available on its website, ensuring that embedding the Uber code is a hassle free process.


[Source:- Techrader]