Image result for Your Smart IoT Gadgets May Be Violating Your Privacy

Rajat Kabade

IoT-based connected devices are one of the reasons why your privacy is at risk. A recent Wikileaks report revealed that CIA has been using Samsung TV to spy on people.

Intelligence agencies around the world have started exploring the vulnerable connected-devices to spy on people. As more and more home gadgets turn smart, there is an increased risk of breach of privacy. Any smart gadget, right from a smart TV to vacuum cleaner can collect your private data and share it with third parties.

Cybercriminals too can exploit these devices to spy on people. Internet of Things (IoT) devices are constantly using the internet to connect to the servers. If these devices are infected with a malware, they can become a potential threat to your privacy. Something like as simple as a webcam of your laptop can be switched on and accessed by a remote attacker.

Looking at the reported cybercrime incidents, the privacy risk has increased with the penetration of IoT. Imagine your recently bought smart TV may be spying on you and recording your conversations. If the TV features a camera, the footage can be accessed by remote attackers. The research papers published by various institutes demonstrate how easy it is to exploit a smart TV.

Webcam attacks have been common ever since the penetration of internet has increased. Exploiting your laptop’s webcam without your knowledge is comparatively easier. All it takes for you to risk your privacy is downloading a malicious software on your laptop. Malware on your computer can intercept sensitive data, your personal footage and transmit to the remote attackers.