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MICHIGAN —Ubiquitous social media is either the best thing since the transistor radio — you remember that, right? — or a sign that society is doomed because no one talks face-to-face anymore. Either way, in Michigan, we can’t get enough of the social media app Google+.

That’s according to internet service provider CenturyLink, which looked at online data to determine which social media apps — Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest or Google+ — were most popular in each state. The results may surprise you.

Ubiquitous Facebook was the favorite in only about a dozen states. The overall winners are Snapchat — which younger social media users flocked to after Baby Boomers stole Facebook away from them — and Google Plus, the No. 1 social media app nationwide.

Google Plus?

“Trust us — we’re surprised by this data, too,” the study authors wrote

Google Plus, once touted as the next best thing since Facebook and maybe even the better thing, whimpered onto the social media scene a few years ago and was generally considered an expensive boondoggle. Facebook still far outsizes it — 2 billion users worldwide compared to 111 million for Google Plus — but increased social media queries may indicate a resurgence in popularity.