GoToMyPC hit by 'sophisticated attack' – change your password now

At the weekend, it emerged that Citrix’s GoToMyPC carrier has been hit through a few shape of assault, necessitating all users to reset their passwords to make sure debts aren’t compromised.

news of the incident first emerged on Saturday, and there has been a in addition replace from Citrix yesterday, with the business enterprise saying that its far off laptop get entry to device were hit via a “very state-of-the-art password assault“.

whether or not this become an outright hack of the company‘s own systems, or spillage from a thirdparty breach wasn’t made clear, although you could most effective assume it was the formerdue to the fact if there was any suspicion of the latter, it might in all likelihood have been referred to.

No indication of what number of customers were probably affected was given.

Citrix’s safety crew called for a password reset throughout the person base, so if you‘ve not logged in since the weekend, you will want to carry out the reset earlier than you could use the service again.
beef up that password

Citrix cautioned: “To reset your password please use your everyday GoToMyPC login link.” furthermore, the firm noted that you need to use a robust password for the new one, along with a mix of characters preferably with some capital letters and symbols.

it is also really worth noting that GoToMyPC offers two-step verification, so it is probably really worth setting that up with a purpose to shielding your account against comparable attacks in the future. In all honesty, anywhere some shape of twocomponent authentication is offered, you should clearly set it up, what with the increasing quantity of hack attacks and breaches occurring in recent times.

lower back at the begin of this month, TeamViewer users also suffered compromised bills, despite the fact that in this situation the company claimed a hack became certainly no longer the motive, and instead the breaches were down to the same passwords being reused throughout online bills (with the password being located through a breach of every other organization).