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Google has updated its subscriptions policy for Android app developers to prevent subscription scams. The company is now making in-app subscription more transparent. Now, a series of new policies will force developers to disclose exactly how much are charging and for what they are charging. All Android developers have until June 16, 2020 to bring their existing apps into compliance with these policies. Also Read – Google India introduces ‘YouTube Learning Destination’ to learn and teach from home

In a blog post on Thursday, Google noted that although these changes may lead to fewer conversions or more subscription cancellations. But that will be a short term affect. The result will instead have more committed subscribers with lower refund and chargeback rates. The company is looking at a trustworthy platform for subscribers.

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“To continue to build this trust, we announced an updated subscriptions policy today, as part of a broader policy update to build user trust and enhance user safety across Google Play. This new policy requires you to be transparent about your subscription offering, to ensure every user evaluating your service has an informed choice,” noted Android Developers Blog. “The goal of this policy update is to ensure users understand the subscription offer, the terms of free trials and introductory offers, and how to manage their subscription, including cancellation.”

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Google believes that users lose trust in developer’s app due to unclear subscription offers. It is essentially hurting their business because users unsubscribe and often leave negative reviews. With the new policy in place, the company is expecting more transparency and an informed choice by users.