Image result for Fake Social Media IDs Spurring Trafficking: NATC

The National Anti-Trafficking Committee (NATC), which on Friday launched a mobile app and toll-free number for trafficking-related grievances, raised concern over misuse of social media in spurring crime. “The main area of concern in social media-trafficking nexus is fake IDs. Unsuspecting adolescent girls are being lured by these people through fake IDs. There are propositions regarding job etc.,” S.K. Jinnar Ali, Chairman of National Committee, National Anti-Trafficking Committee, told the media here on the sidelines of the Sukriti Samman 2017.

He said alerts regarding fake IDs can be registered through the app. “In the last three months, 125 fake IDs were detected in our trafficking-related complaints. In West Bengal, as many as 42 per cent of trafficking can be attributed to fake IDs, 55 per cent all across India,” he claimed.