Now this is interesting.

Facebook has released a new report this week called ‘Topics to Watch’. As the name implies, Topics to Watch highlights emerging topics of discussion that are gaining momentum across The Social Network, along with a range of insights into the surrounding context of the conversation, associated topics, a measure of the increase in mention volume over time and demographic oversight as to who’s talking about it.

Facebook Releases New ‘Topics to Watch’ Report Based on Trending Mentions [Infographic] | Social Media Today And while the topics may seem somewhat unusual now, that’s kind of point – Facebook’s using their data insights to showcase the issues which they believe are likely to drive more conversations on Facebook in future. So maybe you haven’t heard of ‘Buddha’s hand’ or ‘Kalamkari’ yet, but if Facebook mentions are anything to go by, you soon will. Such insights could help marketers stay ahead of the curve and catch onto the next brand-relevant big trend before it becomes ‘a thing’.

As this is the first report of the new series, it’s hard to know yet whether these trends will come to fruition, but it’s definitely an interesting initiative, and it might enable you to stay in the know – maybe you can even spark the relevant trend in your own area, noting that ‘all the cool people in New York are talking about…’.

Below is the first listing of topics in Facebook’s Topics to Watch reports (in infographic form) – each month, Facebook will highlight another six issues to watch based on increases in conversation volume over the past year.

[Source:- Socialmediatoday]