Ask any state and local government leader — in IT and beyond — what they’re most focused on today, and you’re likely to hear two responses: security (a perennial) and customer experience (CX). And, in most cases, the two can’t be parsed.

At Adobe, we focus on what matters most to our customers. That’s why the 2022 Adobe Experience Makers Government Forum was built around the compelling and timely theme: “Digital Experiences that Put People First.”

We’re excited to bring together government and industry leaders to explore simple, seamless, and secure government solutions and how public sector organizations can efficiently improve service delivery by taking CX to the next level.

You’ll have two ways to experience this year’s event — in person at the Renaissance Washington Hotel or virtually from your home, office, or other location of your choice.

Government Forum features a dedicated track for state and local government leaders where we share best practices and real-world stories about how state and local governments are improving digital services, expanding remote access, and providing secure tools for their workforce.

Engage with state, local, and industry leaders in these invigorating sessions:

  • Bridging the Divide with Effective Content Strategies
    Citizens view government agencies as experts in the areas they serve. Whether an agency provides information during emergencies, offers context to understanding newly enacted laws or policies, or serves as a trusted research resource, the way agencies communicate impacts lives. Since most interactions are now taking place in a digital space, organizations need a content strategy that keeps pace with the speed of today’s work, taking into account the citizens they serve. Hear from leaders about best practices for developing an effective, equitable content strategy that allows teams and citizens to work seamlessly and securely, regardless of digital access.
  • Preparing State and Local Government for the Future of Work
    Today’s digital world offers state and local governments unlimited potential to innovate and collaborate internally across organizations and with citizens. However, in many ways, that laid the groundwork to enable greater flexibility in how employees will work in the future. Which leaves local leaders wondering what the workplace of the future looks like. Hear from state and local leaders on how they are preparing for the workplace of tomorrow. Explore what the new normal looks like and the types of technology tools necessary to ensure service excellence even in uncertain future scenarios.
  • Notices of Action: Best Practices
    State, county, and city benefits notifications are federally mandated. And during the pandemic, we saw more applications for benefits than ever before. The average recipient needed access to at least four services at a time, and 25% of millennials reported that they were “highly dependent” on the services provided in their localities. At the same time, the mainframes for those notice-generation systems are 10–20 years old and difficult and costly to maintain. Join us for an interactive session where an agency describes best practices for writing notices and a smooth path to modernizing those legacy systems.

Insights, strategies, and more you won’t want to miss

Even though security and CX are inextricably linked, they can sometimes feel like opposing forces. We know that you need solutions that allow you to confidently achieve seamless experiences, management simplicity, and uncompromising security.

Government Forum keynote speakers will provide relevant and timely real-world insights into citizen-centric digital experiences. The featured speakers include legendary DEA operatives Steve Murphy and Javier F. Peña, who will share details on how they helped put an end to one of the world’s most infamous narco-terrorists during their session Manhunters: How We Took Down Pablo Escobar.

We are thrilled to provide the opportunity for government and industry leaders to explore solutions, strategies and tactics through the programs and networking opportunities available at Experience Makers Government Forum. Find more details in our 2022 Government Forum announcement blog.