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Apple sues startup for creating a software copy of the iPhone

For more than a year, a company called Corellium has been offering hackers a virtual iPhone. For a price, you could summon up a virtual iPhone on your computer, changing the model or iOS version through a simple menu tab. Now, Apple is suing to shut that

Why Buying Software Is So Difficult

Software companies must navigate a matrix of monetization & deployment models. The software business was supposed to be getting easier. Not just the programming and application development side of the equation, but the way we consume it too. While low-code no-code platforms bid to try and alleviate

Teenager finds educational software exposed millions of student records

From IIT-Delhi, software to predict glass strength

IIT Delhi. Cracked phone screens and shattered windscreens may soon be easier to address with researchers at IIT-Delhi having developed a first-of-its-kind machine-learning software for “predicting and optimising glass compositions”. The software, Python for Glass Genomics (PyGGi), has been made to enable researchers and companies to “easily

Cisco fined for selling software with security flaws

Cisco has agreed to pay $8.6m to settle a lawsuit filed on behalf of a whistleblower client who claims the software giant knowingly sold video surveillance systems to US federal and state agencies that could have been easily hacked because of critical software flaws. Attorney and partner at Phillips &

Dark emerges from stealth with unique ‘deployless’ software model

Dark has been keeping its startup in the dark for the last couple of years while it has built a unique kind of platform it calls “deployless” software development. If you build your application in Dark’s  language inside of Dark’s editor, the reward is you can deploy it automatically on

What The Open Mobility Foundation Says About Cities, Software And Standards

Analyzing data from the use of electric scooters, bicycles and other new mobility options is a priority for cities. GETTY Last month, 15 cities — Los Angeles included — created something unprecedented: their own standards body. A year after launching the Mobility Data Specification (MDS) — a suite of APIs

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DDMSPLUS from ECi Software Solutions is a complete, cloud-based business management solution for dealers looking to manage complex product lines and grow their e-commerce offering. It includes sales, purchasing, inventory, contracts, CRM, business intelligence, e-commerce, accounting and reporting capabilities. Being cloud-based, it’s accessible from any location, is

This AI Software Is ‘Coaching’ Customer Service Workers. Soon It Could Be Bossing You Around, Too

I’m on the phone with a startup executive roleplaying as a frustrated customer, and a note along with a speedometer icon appears on my computer screen: Speaking slowly — You are speaking slower than usual. Try increasing your speaking pace. I speed up, and the message disappears, only to be

Tier IV raises over $100 million to develop open source software for driverless cars

Tier IV, a Japan-based driverless car software maintainer and provider, this weekannounced the closure of a round north of $100 million led by Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance, with participation from Yamaha Motor, KDDI, JAFCO, and Aisan Technology. The fresh capital brings the company’s total raised to nearly $130 million following