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Learn these 6 technical skills for a career in software development — and its more than just programming languages

Companies are trying to stay competitive in the job market, investing in future technologies. This has lifted the demand for software engineers. Globally, software development is one of the highest paying tech jobs. With more and more Indians planning career overseas, the demand has surged over the

How To Remove Software Reporter Tool To Fix Google Chrome High CPU Usage?

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers available right now. Since it includes all the necessary features, Chrome users tend to accept the browser’s shortcomings rather than ditching it for browsers with fewer features. However, there is one gigantic issue that forces users to reevaluate their life choices

Stalkerware: The software that spies on your partner

Amy says it all started when her husband seemed to know intimate details about her friends. “He would drop snippets into conversations, such as knowing about Sarah’s baby. Really private things that he shouldn’t have known about. If I asked how he knew these things, he’d say

Ecosystem in place for a software hub: Ravi Shankar Prasad

NEW DELHI: India can become a big hub for software products, especially since the entire ecosystem of payments, favourable policies and the technology is already in place, said Union minister for electronics, IT and communications, Ravi Shankar Prasad. The country can also develop as a centre for deep technology, Prasad

Lecture on use of Mendeley software

A special lecture on the use of Mendeley software for referencing management by Dr Neha Gulati from the University Business School of Panjab University was organised by the department of inter-disciplinary studies-IIHS, Himachal Pradesh University, for the senior batches of MBA (rural development) and MSc (environment sciences).

HP Software Vulnerability Put Millions Of Users At Risk

Security vulnerabilities have become a major bottleneck in the hardware and software industry. In fact, software vulnerabilities happen daily, in too many places at once to keep count. Speaking of which, SafeBreach, a popular security research firm, discovered a critical vulnerability that exploits a bug in Open Hardware Monitor.

HP Patches Software Vulnerability that Potentially Put Millions of Users at Risk

A critical vulnerability was recently discovered by security research firm SafeBreach, which uses unmonitored privilege escalation in Open Hardware Monitor tool to infect Windows PCs that run software based on it. Among others, one of the most commonly found bundled software that uses the Open Hardware Monitor

Best software asset management tools of 2019: Top SAM software to reduce licensing costs

It pays for organisations to take adequate steps to track their inventory. There are more devices being used in and outside of the workplace than ever before, and IT departments are under increasing pressure to track their organisation’s valuable assets – from laptops all the way up

Software firm TeamViewer expected to price in upper half of range: bookrunner

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – German software company TeamViewer (1UD.DE) is expected to price its initial public offering in the upper half of the projected range, one of its bookrunners said on Monday, indicating that one of Europe’s largest IPOs of the year remains on track. The deal values

How investing in hardware differs from software — and why it’s worth the trouble

Software will eat the world. That’s what they say, but IoT is inherently not only software. When it comes to looking at hardware startups, or even products, you need to look at a lot of moving parts. Potential investors need to look at hardware in a very