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Social Media Ads for B2B: Where to Start?

Social media advertising is a heavy hitter in the consumer marketing world – but why haven’t social media ads for B2B taken off at the same rate? One of the big reasons is that a lot of people think that a B2B product or service doesn’t belong on

Your Employees’ Voice Really Matters on Social

With Nielsen reporting that 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family, there’s no denying that word-of-mouth is one of the most trusted and effective marketing methods for swaying buying decisions. Many businesses have tried to take advantage of this by deploying employee advocacy programs, seeking to share brand

What a Burrito Taught Me About Customer Service on Social Media

It began like any other Takeout Thursday at the Metis Communications office. We chose a restaurant, placed a group order on DoorDash (a food delivery service), and eagerly awaited the arrival of our burrito lunch from Boloco. When said lunch arrived, however, there was a problem: Melissa,

Social Advocacy and Politics: Facebook Buzz Predicts Bernie Sanders’ Rise in Primaries

Whether you look at the “people talking” on candidate Facebook Pages (Likes, comments and shares over the past week) or the larger metric of Facebook buzz provided by USA Today’s Facebook Barometer (Likes, comments, shares and mentions over the past week), the better a candidate is doing

How T-Mobile Brings Its “Un-Carrier” Image to Social Media

When you’re in the telecom industry, are known as the “Un-carrier”, and your CEO has 2.2 million followers on Twitter, you need to be ready for just about anything in social media. It also helps to be just a little “feisty”, says Director of Social Media Services,

What is Retargeting? (And How Does it Work?)

Retargeting is one of our favorite marketing buzzwords, but it’s also a great way to increase conversions and bring people back to your website. Retargeting is a paid advertising strategy that involves putting your ads in front of people who have visited your website, after they have clicked

How We’re Closer to Public Figures Than Even Before [Infographic]

Every once in a while we like to post a reminder of the big picture – like this one, which looks at the evolution of how public figures have adopted the use of social media platforms. Thanks to the USC MPA for sending it over.   [Source:- Socialmediatoday]

Instagram’s website actually becomes useful with new notifications tab

If you ever tried to log into Instagram on the web, you probably weren’t very happy with the experience. Yes, your account was there, and you could browse through your posts, but pretty much everything else was absent. This changed recently with the introduction of the notifications

Sick of those unwanted wedding pics on Facebook? This app may be your answer.

How many times have you been sick of unwanted, annoying photo posts from friends that clog your social media feed? And how many times has that driven you to unfollow, or even deactivate your account, only to realize that unfollowing is no foolproof measure of filtering trash,

Pinterest makes DIY easier with new How-to Pins

Pinterest is making moves to keep more people and brands on the site. The company introduced on Tuesday a new feature called How-to Pins, allowing companies to create and share pins with DIY instructions. The feature, which is a new take on its existing Rich Pins feature for brands,