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Russia expects Syrian government to attend Geneva peace talks next week

President Bashar al-Assad’s government has said its delegates will attend peace talks on the Syrian conflict due to start in Geneva next week, Russia’s foreign ministry said on Friday. Damascus has yet to publicly confirm it will be taking part in the talks. Asked whether Russia, a

UN warns Isis is strengthening hold in Libya with ‘nationalistic narrative’

Islamic State has greatly expanded its control over territory in Libya, and the militants are claiming to be the key defense for the North African state against foreign military intervention, according to United Nations sanctions monitors. In their annual report to the UN security council, which was

North Korean leader Kim orders more nuclear tests: KCNA

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watched a ballistic missile launch test and ordered the country to improve its nuclear attack capability by conducting more tests, the official KCNA news agency reported on Friday. The report did not say when the test took place but it was

Exclusive: DeepMind staff move into Google’s £1bn King’s Cross castle

Google DeepMind employees are among the first Googlers in the UK to move to Google’s delayed property empire that’s slowly unfolding in King’s Cross.  The artificial intelligence (AI) unit – founded in 2011 by Demis Hassabis, Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman and acquired by Google last year

Could drone-guided robots replace refuse collectors?

A new prototype rubbish lorry built by Volvo uses drone technology to locate bins and send a robot to pick them up, all without driver having to leave the cab Volvo’s bin-collecting robot system uses a overhead drone for guidance. Photograph: Volvo Volvo’s latest research prototype uses

Raspberry Pi 3: the credit card-sized 1.2GHz PC that costs $35b

Raspberry Pi foundation launches new model as it announces 8m devices have been sold in four years, making it the UK’s all-time bestselling computer The little PC with a big reach … Raspberry Pi 3. Photograph: Photographer: Matt Richardson/Raspberry Pi Foundation The Raspberry Pi foundation has launched

Construction workers walk off Tesla’s new Reno site in protest over pay

Hundreds walk off job at battery manufacturing plant as union organizers say out-of-state workers are increasingly being hired for lower pay The Tesla Gigafactory is shown under construction outside Reno, Nevada. Photograph: James Glover/Reuters/Corbis Hundreds of union construction workers walked off the job at Tesla Motors’ battery

Google self-driving car collides with bus in California, accident report says

If it is determined the Google vehicle caused the crash, it would be the first time one of its SUVS caused an accident while in autonomous mode A Google self-driving car was trying to navigate some sandbags when it collided with a public bus. Photograph: DDP USA/Rex/Shutterstock