There are several myths surrounding rummy online these days. This creates misconceptions in the minds of people. So, in this post we will break these myths with facts. We will also discuss more about the game. We will touch upon the reasons as to why some may have a misunderstanding towards playing cards. Below there is more information that you must know:

  1. It is Not as Good as Playing Offline

Rummy is a traditional game. Initially when internet was not available, people used to play the game offline. The habit of being in company of people during the play may give a false notion to many. Some may think that online rummy is boring when compared to the offline version. They may have the misconception that the game does not have the same thrill.

But that is untrue, because the internet gaming is interesting nonetheless. It gives you the chance of playing on multiple tables simultaneously. You can play 24 x 7 and at any time of the day. You do not have to depend on physical company of people. Also, the system distributes cards, so there is no need of a physical deck of cards.

  1. Too Less Gaming Websites

Many think that Indian Rummy is not widely accessible. This is because of low number of websites for the games. However, there are several apps and websites that have playing cards options. The myth may result because people get confused which platform is reliable, and good. But a careful search will help you find the right option. But you can be sure that there is no lack of alternatives.

  1. It is a Luck-Based Game

Like a few card games, rummy is often mistaken as a luck-based game. In reality, it demands several skills such as thinking ability, creativity, practicality, basic mathematics, observation, etc. If you are good at the gaming skills, then you can stand the chance of win. Otherwise, the luck factor will not get you anywhere. Because after you receive the cards, it’s you who decides which card to pick or discard. It is your decision as to how to use the wild cards, form pure sequences and others for a valid hand and declare.

  1. Action Games Give a Better Experience

Those who are used to playing action games, may have different opinion about playing cards. They may imagine the game to be not as exciting as what they already play. But their opinion may change after playing a rummy game or two. Here, the challenges are equally refreshing. You have to pay attention every second on the table. Noticing the moves of the opponents will give an idea about the cards in their hand. This in turn will allow you to shape your gaming strategy.

  1. It is Difficult to Learn

Those who do not know how to play rummy may believe that the game is difficult to learn. But after a few trials of play, the person will understand that it is an easy game to play. You need a few basic skills to get a hold over the rivals. After this, you can play often and become an expert. Any common man can readily learn the tricks, and prepare for cash games and tournaments. But, firstly spend some time playing practice games.

  1. Complex Terms and Conditions

Several people may stay away from the game because of myth that rummy app has complex terms and conditions. But a good application will have an attractive user interface. It will also have smooth navigation and controls. You will have enough control over your profile. You can deposit and withdraw the winnings in a click. Also, the rules and terms to the game are easy to understand. All of these are stated upfront to avoid confusion.

  1. It Wastes Your Time

People who are not much into gaming, find online gaming as a waste of time. We cannot argue the benefit of each and every type of game on the web. But an ultimate rummy game helps you to use your free time productively. You can spend time participating in tournaments and earn rewards. The game involves brainpower; thus, it enhances your psychological capacity.

  1. Costs a Lot of Money

It is a myth that you need to invest money to play cards. In fact, you can access free rummy all over the web. You can play practice games and these are totally free of cost. The practice chips do not cost you any penny. You can refuel the chips as and when these get over. It is only when you play cash games or tournaments, you require a buy-in. But even then, the buy-in is of a minimal amount. The rewards for the winners are huge comparatively.

  1. Limitations on Practice Games

There is no restriction on the number of practice games you can play. Especially, platforms such as Khelplay Rummy provide facility of 24 x 7 play. You can also play on-the-move if you download the app. So, play as much as you want and whenever you wish to. Practice games will not cost you anything, nor will it carry any penalty even If you drop out in between.

  1. There is Lack of Social Involvement

Just because there is no face-to-face interaction between players, it does not mean there is a lack of social interaction. You can invite others on the Khelplay Rummy App through the referral program. This will help you to earn points. Also, the new member will get the referral bonus. This can be utilized to play cash games within a specified time period. Otherwise also, whenever you are on the app, you can play against random virtual players, and never return disappointed.

  1. Tournaments Are Rigged

Those who have not got the chance to play tourneys, may think the games are rigged. But that is completely untrue. All the players have to abide by the rummy rules and regulations. The same are transparent and shared with the players beforehand. There is no scope of malpractice and fair play is the criteria on popular gaming platforms.

The players need to compete in each round. Only the people from winning circle will move to the next round and henceforth. The gamers receive the prize amount if they are among the winners, and not otherwise. In the finale as well, the same routine follows. The distribution of the prize amount is as per the individual’s ranking in the round.

  1. The Rewards Are Unreal

Those who do not take part in monetary reward games, may think the rewards are unreal. But winners of tourneys and cash games receive the promised prize amount to their gaming account. This is no bluff. You can even transfer the winnings to your bank account. Or, you may even keep this prize fund in your gaming account for the buy-in to other cash games. There is also a possibility of shopping on partnered outlets of the provider.

  1. Transactions Are Unsafe

Deposits and withdrawals are safe. These are not open to third party interferences. The transactions take place through a protected gateway. You will also receive notification about any fund you transfer in and out of the gaming profile. You can pay through the mentioned channels. Your bank details and financial information is secured. Nothing is shared with unconcerned party. Also, you do not lose your money in any manner.

To Conclude

There are several more such myths about rummy. But fact remains that this card game is popular around the world. It is safe to play it. You do not run into any risks. For best results and understanding, perhaps you can try out the game by self. You must choose a reliable website for gaming, and everything will fall into place. If you understand the gaming tactics, then you can enjoy the most at any hour of the day.