Image result for Best BBQ: from portable barbecues to huge ones: charcoal, gas; grills, smokers and ovens. Lots of BBQs, basically

Whether it’s a gas or charcoal BBQ you’re after, or even a smoker, we’ve got what you need to perk up the great British summer: T3’s pick of the greatest grilling machines out there.

With a heatwave underway and the school summer holidays drawing to a close, the coast is still clear to don the shades and start stocking up on grill-friendly grub to singe in the sunshine, with all levels and types of al fresco cooking catered for, from high-end smoking to, basically, setting fire to a bucket.

Patio the size of a Subbuteo table? No problem, nab one of the portable charcoal grillers on the final eight pages of this gallery (from page 12), and get busy with the tweezers.

Got a large and agreeable decking area? We’ve got altogether more serious barbecues starting right after these words from our sponsors.

Of course, you don’t want all of the gear with no idea. Thankfully, T3 is here to help with advice from three master grillsmen.



[Source: T3]