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US IRS Breach Bigger Than First Thought, With Over 700,000 Victims

The IRS said Friday that the number of taxpayers whose tax information may have been stolen by computer hackers now exceeds 700,000 – more than double the agency’s previous estimate. The tax collecting agency said 390,000 more taxpayer accounts may have compromised than the 334,000 it warned

Webflow redefines web design tools

Webflow gives designers all the power of a developer. Website builders have a bad rep, it’s no secret. Overcomplicated UIs that try to mask a code editor in a visual interface; limited customization options; non-semantic, in-line CSS; poor responsive performance – the list goes on. aims to

Siri slated to be Mac OS X’s killer app in version 10.12

After Cortana made the leap to Windows 10, maybe OS X has been feeling a bit lonely. Not to worry, as Apple is reported to soon introduce Siri to its desktop operating system (OS) to keep it company. This is according to 9 to 5 Mac, reckoning

US: Sophisticated Attackers Hacked Ukrainian Electric Grid

A US investigation found that a December hack on the Ukrainian power grid was coordinated and highly sophisticated. The report released Thursday offers a detailed look at one of the first cyber-attacks to succeed in taking down part of a national power grid. The well-planned strike, which

Microsoft mandates feedback questions in Windows 10 previews

In a Windows 10 preview update issued this week, Microsoft mandated that the feedback functionality built into the beta be switched on, a change from earlier when testers could block questions from the company about what users thought of specific features. LastPass, 1Password, and Dashlane edge KeePass

Google’s Project Shield defends small websites from DDoS bombardment

Google’s Project Shield is aiming to protect news reporting and free expression on the web, and has opened itself up to applications for free protection from DDoS attacks. DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks, as you’re likely aware, involve the flooding of the victim with huge amounts

Learn UI and UX design

Need to give your app or website the look and feel it needs to keep users engaged? Look no further than this bundle of courses. Providing a useful and reliable service that users want is important. But you have to make sure they stick around your site

Generate New York 2016: an amazing day for web designers

Our web conference hits the USA on 22 April 2016. Check out the line-up and find out how to get your ticket. Don’t miss this great event! Generate is the conference for web designers and developers, presented by net magazine and Creative Bloq. The next amazing Generate