While censorship is not new to Indian consumers, the I&B Ministry recently clarified that it doesn’t want to censor online video streaming services. However, this doesn’t seem to have reached Amazon’s ears. The company recently launched Prime Video in India, with heavy censorship.

The reasoning behind this is not known at the moment, but one would imagine that the company is playing it safe so as to not anger a section of the audience. But for those who are paying a premium just for Prime Video, this seems a bit unfair. Some shows are being chopped off significantly, while the service is also censoring sexual content from its shows.

While Amazon Prime Video has plenty of shows on offer, the fact that it’s freely censoring content surely won’t go down well with the customers. Luckily for the users, Prime Video comes with plenty of Indian content, which is devoid of any major censorship, so the viewers are free to enjoy them as they were originally meant to be.

Prime Video is priced at Rs 499 per month with the first month being offered for free. While Amazon doesn’t have the same content as Netflix, it has nine original titles from India which is sure to strike a chord with the populace.



[Source:- Techrader]