5 Reasons Why the Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360 are Perfect for the Mobile  Lifestyle

In today’s mobile-first world, PCs need to offer a suite of flexible yet portable features and give users everything they need to accomplish any task they want while on the go.

Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360 are optimized to meet every mobile lifestyle needs. From seamless cross-device continuity to always-on connectivity, the Galaxy Book Pro series delivers next-level mobile computing experiences, pushing the boundaries of PC capabilities.

Pack Light, Travel Far

Featuring ultra-thin and lightweight designs, the Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360 are built to help you travel with less without having to leave behind the essentials. From their refined form factors to the slimmer Pro keyboards and compact cooling fans and batteries, every component is engineered to ensure the devices can fit easily in a bag and be carried around comfortably.

But it’s not just the devices that are lighter and more portable. The Galaxy Book Pro series also comes with a universal charger that’s about half the size of previous Galaxy Book chargers.[1] In addition to providing 65W fast charging for the Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360, the charger is optimized for all other Galaxy devices as well, meaning there is no need to lug around multiple chargers while working on the go.

Optimized for Mobile Productivity and Creativity

The Galaxy Book Pro 360 is more than just a lightweight, portable computing device. Equipped with the ergonomic and versatile S Pen, the device can be transformed into a notebook or a canvas instantly to power your creativity and productivity.

The S Pen on the Galaxy Book Pro 360 is built to deliver notetaking and drawing experiences that are indistinguishable from a real pen. From annotating documents while travelling to taking notes in a meeting or a lecture, the S Pen provides everything you need to keep track of your ideas and stay on top of your work no matter where you are. And whether you are a design beginner or a seasoned illustrator, you can express yourself with freedom when using the S Pen in the upgraded PENUP app.

Around the Clock Connectivity

With Galaxy Book Pro series devices, you never have to worry about looking for a stable Wi-Fi connection when travelling. The devices offer fast and flexible connectivity, allowing you to stay connected with no interruptions.

The Galaxy Book Pro 360 13-inch model provides ultra-fast 5G speeds, while the Galaxy Book Pro offers LTE connectivity. This means that even when you are working in places without Wi-Fi connections, you can still stay in touch with the office and carry on with your workflow without missing a beat.

Whether you are streaming a movie or gaming online, fast connectivity is essential for today’s mobile lifestyle. With Wi-Fi 6E support[2], the Galaxy Book Pro series ensures you can always enjoy the fastest internet speed possible while bringing maximum efficiency and flexibility to your everyday life.

Share Instantly

Working on the go is seamless and more efficient with the Galaxy mobile computing ecosystem. Even if you don’t have access to Wi-Fi or a USB memory stick, you can still easily transfer large batches of photos or work-related documents to another device with the Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360.

Quick Share on the Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360 allows you to instantly transfer content to other devices, taking unnecessary interruptions out of your workflow when you are on the move. Using Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi, the feature lets you share files, photos or videos to nearby devices in real time with a single tap. You can also share content to multiple recipients at once, which is perfect for times when you are working in a group at a café or a coworking space.