5 Examples of Effective Instagram Contest Strategies | Social Media Today

Instagram contests can be a extremely good manner to generate greater followers and power extra engagement within your network of Instagram fans.

But depending on the type of enterprise you’ve got, what time of the year it is, and what your advertising and marketing goals are, exclusive kinds of Instagram contests will make feel for distinctive sorts of companies.

That’s why we’ve compiled five one of a kind Instagram contest approach ideas with examples to help you get began.

Permit’s see the contests.
Instagram Contest Concept #1 – Event Based totally

Positioning your Instagram contest round an Occasion is a top notch manner to create a buzz across the Occasion itself, at the same time as also collecting user-generated content material associated with the Event for future utilization.

Popular Instagram hashtag contest Event sorts encompass marathons, Christmas markets, New year‘s events, elections, save launches, and many greater.

Check this situation of an Instagram contest put on with the aid of the garb brand Canada Goose on the 2015 Sundance Movie Competition. inside their contest they requested individuals at the Pageant to add an Instagram photograph tagged with #AskAnyoneWhoKnows internal a massive snow globe that they had installation interior of the Occasion.

5 Examples of Effective Instagram Contest Strategies | Social Media TodayThrough strolling this contest, Canada Goose become capable of make their mark at the Sundance Pageant and generate a ton of user engagement round their emblem.
Instagram Contest Idea #2 – Weather Based

Simply as the us Put up Office operates in any forms of Weather, your Instagram contest can run in any situation, at any time of yr.

In fact, you could even use the Climate to your gain when growing your contest.

The clothing organisation Helly Hanson did a tremendous job of this after they ran their #WELOVERAIN promotion.

The #WELOVERAIN marketing campaign became Based round embracing the outdoors and all that involves.

They asked customers to upload an Instagram photograph of themselves playing the outdoors with the hashtag #WELOVERAIN for a chance to win a trip to Norway.

five Examples of Powerful Instagram Contest Strategies | Social Media TodayThrough this, Helly Hanson saw over 370 entries and changed into able to stay pinnacle of mind for consumers getting into the rainy season.
Instagram Contest Concept #3Look for The subsequent Ambassador

Your enthusiasts love your emblem – so why not Permit considered one of them grow to be your subsequent brand ambassador?

Instagram’s a extraordinary platform to permit customers to without difficulty submit pictures that are in alignment together with your employer’s middle values and ideals.

The carrying organization Salming ran an Instagram contest aimed at locating their subsequent logo ambassador. They asked users to tag a image of themselves with the hashtag #salmingambassador in conjunction with three words that describe why they’d make the appropriate candidate for the function.

five Examples of Effective Instagram Contest Strategies | Social Media TodayThe end result? A ton of user engagement, and a latest Salmang brand ambassador.
Instagram Contest Idea #4submit Your Layout

But Instagram contests don’t Just need to be approximately submitting pix of humans. you could use the platform to accumulate entries for Layout, instance, and photography contests as properly.

The creative organization Midzai creative held an Instagram contest offering greater than $a thousand in prizes to users who submitted their fine designs using the hashtag #mindzaicontest.

The result become a a success contest and a gallery of user-generated content targeted around the Mindazi brand.

five Examples of Powerful Instagram Contest Techniques | Social Media These days
Instagram Contest Concept #5post a photo with Someone

Valpak coupons ran an Instagram contest wherein they requested users to add a photo of themselves and their mom using the hashtag #MomMomentsSweeps.

This contest is a awesome instance of ways you can create an Instagram contest Based totally round almost some thing. Different high-quality examples of this kind of contest ought to consist of Fathers day, anniversaries, snap shots with buddies, and photos with pets.

going for walks this easy contest Valpak changed into able to generate over seven-hundred specific entries and an entire lot of fan engagement.

five Examples of Effective Instagram Contest Strategies | Social Media Nowadays
Wrapping up

So there you have got it – 5 Instagram contests to inspire your next Instagram marketing marketing campaign. As you could see, Instagram contests don’t should be fancy, and they don’t ought to be Based totally around a big vacation, season, or Occasion.

Get innovative and allow customers to proportion what topics to them. This will be such things as art work, snap shots with friends, or snap shots doing things that they love.