The workplace scenario across the globe has been changing at a rapid pace over the years. Remote work increases our work productivity and lowers stress level. In fact, it helps us to have a proper work-life balance which is what boosts our motivation. So, today we are up for a list of gadgets and everyday accessories for all the remote workers out there


Everyone has its favorite work drink. While you do you freelance projects on your desk you probably like to be accompanied by cup of coffee or glass of tea or something else. You’d say it already is easy enough with the electric kettles but think again. There is a wi-fi Kettle called iKettle and you can boil water with your smart phone. The iKettle can even wake you up and ask you if you want her to boil water for you. Just answer with yes or no, and your home office will reach new lever of cuteness.


Stack is a light bulb which can adjust the lightning in your home or you working space with few taps on your smart phone. No matter what’s the time and how the weather outside changes, the light in home will be automatically adjusted with your preferences. Stack will keep you comfortable with the light while you do freelance work and at the same time will respond to your moods.

 Z Pen

Z Pen is like a gift from the future. It’s a gadget that is so cool that it’s hard to believe that you can have it from the internet. Have you ever imagined of writing things down by hand and then downloading what your wrote as a data on your laptop? We know you did. Now you can do that with Z Pen for real.

Lap Desk

When you’re at home working, you probably like to move around.  You might go from your desk to your bed to your couch and then back to your bed again. And there’s nothing wrong with that.  But if you’re going to move from place to place, then you need a feasible way to prop up that laptop of yours.  A LapDesk from iSkelter is a great way to do this.  Some of their models have a place for your mouse, a spot for your phone, and even a whiteboard to write on.

 Monitor Stand

When it comes to your actual desktop, this needs to be propped up just like your laptop does.  If we’re thinking ergonomically here, then it should be at or around eye-level to keep your body content.  These come in all shapes, colors, and prices, but this one from Grovemade is aesthetically pleasing and not too pricey.

Wi-Fi Printer

A printer is always a must.  But these days, you need one that’s Wi-Fi connected, fast to print, and easy to use like the HP Color LaserJet Pro M252dw, which landed a rating of four stars from PC Magazine.  Print documents from any connected device and benefit from cost-effective printing technology.