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Why and how you should switch to Linux

Let Ubuntu, an easy-to-use version of Linux, run your computer. Ubuntu When you start comparing computers, you probably pit Windows against macOS—but Linux rarely gets a mention. Still, this lesser-known operating system has a strong and loyal following. That’s because it offers a number of advantages over its competitors. Whether

Why Facebook Keeps Pushing You to Go ‘Live’ With Video

From billboards to TV ads to endless notifications, Facebook is furiously promoting its live video feature as it tries to get more users to shoot and watch such videos. But will it be a big business for the social network? The prospects for advertisers are uncertain, and

Why you should be using pattern libraries

Have you heard of pattern libraries, style guides, component libraries, design patterns or UI toolkits? Don’t worry if you’re confused or don’t know the differences. Here’s a secret—most people in the design industry are also a little confused. With all these terms flying around it can quickly

Why brutalism boosts conversions

For those of us familiar with brutalism on the web, we don’t necessarily look at it as a favorable design choice. That’s because it violates a lot of the best practices of today’s web-design standards, including making beautiful websites that provide good information architecture on each page.

This is Why Your Website Needs to be Optimized for Mobile

I’m not going to start this post with a story about how every time I see my friends and family, we stick our noses in our smartphones and ignore one another. I’m not even going to give you the “gone are the days when mobile device users

Why your enterprise will purchase a Microsoft Floor all-in-one quickly

verting, slowly but really. Even Microsoft took a stab at the use of a cellphone as a pc with the Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950XL, and Ubuntu has taken the mantle with telephones that can connect to a keyboard, a mouse and a laptop screen. What’s about

Why face up to? Get Windows 10 while it’s nonetheless loose

What are you expecting? There are few motives left to withstand Microsoft’s Home windows 10 update, in particular while it’s nonetheless free. Wait any other month, and it’s going to cost you $120 . Due to the fact that Windows 10 came out nearly a year in

Why making AI sound human is a bad idea

From Facebook to Amazon to Microsoft to Apple, big tech companies are racing to improve speech-synthesis systems. And the systems, which have become increasingly realistic-sounding, have a lot of potential benefits—from serving the blind, to helping people who are illiterate access information online, to assisting the elderly.

Instagram changes: What is about to happen to app’s feed, and why everyone wants you to turn on mobile notifications

Instagram’s feed is about to completely change. But there’s no reason to panic, or actually do anything at all. The site has announced that it will introduce an “algorithmic timeline” rather than sorting its posts chronologically. Instagram announced the change weeks ago, but a rumour just caught