Building Loyalty: 7 Web Design Strategies to Earn Your Audience’s Trust

Building Loyalty: 7 Web Design Strategies to Earn Your Audience’s Trust

First impressions matter.

Your website is often the first place where your audience learns about you. It can help them decide whether they want to do business with you – or leave and never come back.

Designing and optimizing a website properly can help you gain your audience’s trust and loyalty and can benefit your business immensely.

Below are seven strategies that can help you earn your audience’s trust and loyalty.

1. Have a Solid Website Design


A website with bad design, confusing navigation, and poor content can turn visitors away from your business quick. Conversely, an intuitive and appealing website can make visitors stay longer, increasing the chances of conversion.

Having a responsive and mobile-friendly website is of the utmost importance. A responsive website adapts to the screen size and device it is being viewed on so it looks great regardless if you’re using a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop.

More than eight in 10 Internet users will use a mobile device to access the web regularly this year, according to a forecast by eMarketer. Further, nearly 15 percent of Internet users, or 40.7 million individuals, will only surf the web via a mobile device (and this number is only expected to grow).

In addition, your website needs to be visually appealing and designed with your users in mind. Make it easy for your visitors to browse your website by using simple navigation, readable fonts and color combinations, interesting graphics, and appropriate white space.

To complement your design, your website content should be well written, engaging and helpful to your target audience. Doing a yearly website cleanup is a good way to keep your content fresh.

2. Be Transparent & Helpful

In order to build trust and gain loyalty from your audience, you’ll need to demonstrate competence and credibility. Show your visitors that you are a transparent organization by being true to your motives and interests.

Your About Us page is a good place to share information on what your company stands for, who your employees are, what you’re offering, how it works, and why you’re different from the rest of your competitors.

Creating a knowledge base and publishing blog posts are also good ways to engage your audience. Visitors are more likely to trust your website if you provide them with valuable content resources, answers to frequently asked questions, and blog posts that will help them solve their problems.

If you have an e-commerce website, make sure that your product descriptions are straightforward, accurate, and useful to customers. Be clear with what your cancellation or return policies are.

You can also share financial statements and press releases on your website.

Nonprofit organization Workshops for Warriors publishes their current and previous audited financials on their website:


This is the perfect example of a transparent organization that leaves no questions unanswered for visitors and potential donors.


3. Use Statistics & Case Studies

In order for your audience to understand what you do and how you do it, you need to provide concrete examples of your work and its results.

Creating a case study is a brilliant way to showcase your products and/or services, along with the positive results they have produced for your customers.

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It’s also beneficial to use statistics to promote your work. Gathering data, quantifying results and presenting real numbers show prospective customers that you’re serious about producing outcomes. Statistics put facts behind the claims.

4. Provide Social Proof through Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Adding a testimonial or review page on your site will prove that your business is reliable. People often depend on peer reviews to choose a business they can trust. They want to know if other people have used your products or services.

Reviews from respected people or influencers also add credibility to your business. Embedding reviews from your Yelp page to your site is good, too.


You should reply to customer reviews whether they are positive, neutral or negative. Interacting with customers can also turn a negative review or experience into a positive one. Offering ways to make things right with the customer shows that your business really aims to provide customer satisfaction.

5. Showcase Awards, Certifications & Credentials

Another way to win the trust of customers is to post your awards, certifications, and credentials on your website.

Entering industry contests with your best work is another simple way to show your work output. Although it takes a lot of time and manpower to pull together content for contests, an award for great work is impressive for current and prospective customers.

Here’s an example from Honest Body Fitness:


Certifications demonstrate your company’s appreciation and support of constant education and knowledge building. Every industry goes through changes and it’s important to stay up-to-date and current with classes, conferences, and webinars. Investing in your employees’ industry knowledge is also a plus.

6. Develop Your Own Voice

Developing the voice of your brand in an interesting and relatable way is vital in order to connect you to your target audience.

Your corporate branding should have a personality and it can be derived from your business’s mission, vision, and values. Your brand’s voice should be implemented on your website content, social media, and customer service efforts.

VetPowered’s website is a great example of a brand with a voice. (Yes, that tone follows you around the whole website.)


7. Take Advantage of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to create initial trust and continue to build that trust over time. Providing your audience with industry information, business updates, coupons, and advice through email shows you truly care about providing solutions to your audience.

There are four types of emails that build loyalty, according to Constant Contact:

  • A compelling, friendly, and engaging welcome email.
  • The useful, informative auto-responder series.
  • A check-in and feedback request email.
  • An email offering an exclusive benefit.

It’s that easy!

The Takeaway

Building trust with your audience starts before you ever come into contact with them. People judge brands based on their research and how they connect with a company’s website and social media content, so it’s important to find a voice for your brand to build that trust.

With great website design and content, companies are building loyal customer bases. Share your work, results, and awards to be as transparent and honest with your audience, and trust will soon follow.


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5 Examples of Powerful Instagram Contest Strategies

5 Examples of Effective Instagram Contest Strategies | Social Media Today

Instagram contests can be a extremely good manner to generate greater followers and power extra engagement within your network of Instagram fans.

But depending on the type of enterprise you’ve got, what time of the year it is, and what your advertising and marketing goals are, exclusive kinds of Instagram contests will make feel for distinctive sorts of companies.

That’s why we’ve compiled five one of a kind Instagram contest approach ideas with examples to help you get began.

Permit’s see the contests.
Instagram Contest Concept #1 – Event Based totally

Positioning your Instagram contest round an Occasion is a top notch manner to create a buzz across the Occasion itself, at the same time as also collecting user-generated content material associated with the Event for future utilization.

Popular Instagram hashtag contest Event sorts encompass marathons, Christmas markets, New year‘s events, elections, save launches, and many greater.

Check this situation of an Instagram contest put on with the aid of the garb brand Canada Goose on the 2015 Sundance Movie Competition. inside their contest they requested individuals at the Pageant to add an Instagram photograph tagged with #AskAnyoneWhoKnows internal a massive snow globe that they had installation interior of the Occasion.

5 Examples of Effective Instagram Contest Strategies | Social Media TodayThrough strolling this contest, Canada Goose become capable of make their mark at the Sundance Pageant and generate a ton of user engagement round their emblem.
Instagram Contest Idea #2 – Weather Based

Simply as the us Put up Office operates in any forms of Weather, your Instagram contest can run in any situation, at any time of yr.

In fact, you could even use the Climate to your gain when growing your contest.

The clothing organisation Helly Hanson did a tremendous job of this after they ran their #WELOVERAIN promotion.

The #WELOVERAIN marketing campaign became Based round embracing the outdoors and all that involves.

They asked customers to upload an Instagram photograph of themselves playing the outdoors with the hashtag #WELOVERAIN for a chance to win a trip to Norway.

five Examples of Powerful Instagram Contest Strategies | Social Media TodayThrough this, Helly Hanson saw over 370 entries and changed into able to stay pinnacle of mind for consumers getting into the rainy season.
Instagram Contest Concept #3Look for The subsequent Ambassador

Your enthusiasts love your emblem – so why not Permit considered one of them grow to be your subsequent brand ambassador?

Instagram’s a extraordinary platform to permit customers to without difficulty submit pictures that are in alignment together with your employer’s middle values and ideals.

The carrying organization Salming ran an Instagram contest aimed at locating their subsequent logo ambassador. They asked users to tag a image of themselves with the hashtag #salmingambassador in conjunction with three words that describe why they’d make the appropriate candidate for the function.

five Examples of Effective Instagram Contest Strategies | Social Media TodayThe end result? A ton of user engagement, and a latest Salmang brand ambassador.
Instagram Contest Idea #4submit Your Layout

But Instagram contests don’t Just need to be approximately submitting pix of humans. you could use the platform to accumulate entries for Layout, instance, and photography contests as properly.

The creative organization Midzai creative held an Instagram contest offering greater than $a thousand in prizes to users who submitted their fine designs using the hashtag #mindzaicontest.

The result become a a success contest and a gallery of user-generated content targeted around the Mindazi brand.

five Examples of Powerful Instagram Contest Techniques | Social Media These days
Instagram Contest Concept #5post a photo with Someone

Valpak coupons ran an Instagram contest wherein they requested users to add a photo of themselves and their mom using the hashtag #MomMomentsSweeps.

This contest is a awesome instance of ways you can create an Instagram contest Based totally round almost some thing. Different high-quality examples of this kind of contest ought to consist of Fathers day, anniversaries, snap shots with buddies, and photos with pets.

going for walks this easy contest Valpak changed into able to generate over seven-hundred specific entries and an entire lot of fan engagement.

five Examples of Effective Instagram Contest Strategies | Social Media Nowadays
Wrapping up

So there you have got it – 5 Instagram contests to inspire your next Instagram marketing marketing campaign. As you could see, Instagram contests don’t should be fancy, and they don’t ought to be Based totally around a big vacation, season, or Occasion.

Get innovative and allow customers to proportion what topics to them. This will be such things as art work, snap shots with friends, or snap shots doing things that they love.

How to Get Referrals: 5 Proven Strategies for Professional Services Firms

How to Get Referrals: 5 Proven Strategies for Professional Services Firms | Social Media Today

Referrals are widely seen as the surest and most direct route to new business for professional services firms. In fact, the majority of businesses (61.9%) in a Hinge Research Institute study last year, considered generating more referrals as a key focus of their marketing efforts. The importance of referrals for these firms was reinforced by the fact that 47.8% of firms said they would dedicate external marketing resources to the effort.

So what are the top strategies for getting referrals? Well, first you need to understand what is required to not only get more referrals, but how to keep them.

Getting More Referrals

While getting more referrals may seem straightforward, it’s actually anything but. In fact, many of the most often recommended approaches, such as asking for referrals, attending networking events and sponsorships, are simply ineffective.

Keeping the Referrals You Get

To make matters worse, referrals can easily be lost. More than 52% of people referred to your firm may rule you out before even speaking with you. The biggest reason is because they couldn’t figure out how you could help them. Poor websites and weak online content also play major roles.

So let’s review the top 5 strategies that have proven effective for professional services firms.

1. Showcase successful high-profile projects

Most referrals come from someone who has asked for a referral from a one of your clients or a someone familiar with your work.

So one of the strategic keys to the referral kingdom is getting more people to ask them. How? By showcasing you work in presentations with your client, developing compelling case studies, profiling the successes of clients on your website, or publicizing high profile engagements.

This strategy has an added benefit of helping potential clients understand how you can help them.

2. Have in-house experts speak at conferences and trade shows

High-profile experts draw referrals. That’s why speaking at events is perhaps the singe best opportunity for generating the highly coveted referral. Why? Because speaking engagements expose your expertise to a wider audience.

Just make sure the audience is filled with prospects or influencers. There’s no point in talking at events that don’t attract your target market. Appearances at trade shows are particularly good because they draw high concentrations of professionals from a specific industry.

3. Invest in a high-quality professional website

Remember that heart-stopping statistic that you may be losing 52% of the people referred to you because they weren’t sure how you could help them? Well here is another data point to remember: more than 80% of prospects check out your website before they decide to hire your firm.

Kind of underscores the importance of a good website, doesn’t it? So develop a website that helps prospects easily understand what you do, who you do it for and why they should work with you.

Of course, your website can be a source of referrals in it’s own right as illustrated in the figure below.

How to Get Referrals: 5 Proven Strategies for Professional Services Firms | Social Media Today

4.Generate high-quality educational content

This strategy goes hand-in-hand with #3. With a solid website, you’ll need content. That content can take the form of blog posts, articles, white papers, executive guides, webinars, etc.

High-quality educational content is a concrete way of demonstrating your firm’s expertise and a common way for people to learn about your firm. And if people learn about your firm, they can share what they know with others.

5. Be at the forefront of industry trends

People want to work with firms that are up to date with their industry – even better if they’re driving the field forward. In many ways, the other strategies of speaking engagements and educational content communicate this sort of thought leadership.

But be prepared to go beyond simply repeating consensus. Thought leadership means having a new perspective or being ready to add useful insight. One great technique is to conduct original research – this gives you something to talk about and adds new perspective to the discussion.

Turn Your Referral Marketing Strategy Into Action

A great strategy will produce no results if it’s not implemented, which happens far too often with referral marketing. Many start with good intentions and an ambitious schedule of meeting with clients and referral sources. But a few weeks in and you hear a chorus of “I’m too busy.”

The trick is to develop a strategy that is sustainable. Referrals are not free. They require sustained focus if you are to stand out in the crowd.

7 Strategies for Optimizing Your WordPress Website


For budding entrepreneurs, WordPress is considered an excellent platform to create websites for their startup or small business. This content management service (CMS) is used by millions of business owners around the world – more than 400 million websites worldwide are powered by WordPress, including more than 100 million in the United States. WordPress sites publish posts every 17 seconds. Most of the top one million websites in the world are powered by WordPress and related to business. These facts clearly show the significance of WordPress as a content management service for businesses of all sizes.

Simplicity, social media integration and the large number of theme options available are key reasons why startups and small businesses prefer WordPress. However, you need to keep several important facts in mind before you think about using WordPress for your business website.

1. The quality of themes

Thousands of free and premium themes are available for those planning to create a WordPress-based website for their startup. However, you need to be careful in selecting a reliable theme from those available. The theme should be flexible and you need to have the ability to make modifications without much hassle.

2. Hosting

This is another crucial factor when it comes to creating a website for your startup. You need to look for a managed WordPress hosting service that will help you keep your website up and running at all times. In addition, they should provide regular updates and backups.

3. Choose your plugins wisely

Installing too many plugins on your WordPress website will slow its performance. Only add the plugins that you will actively use and delete the rest.

4. Configuring your website

After you finalize WordPress installation, you need to configure it accordingly. For example, you should think about how the comments are moderated, permalinks are set up, and other best practices. This is easily accomplished in WordPress settings and should be done during your initial setup.

5. Mobile Interface

Many website visitors will access your site through their mobile devices, so your WordPress-based website needs a responsive mobile interface that will provide a smooth experience for users. Users won’t tolerate much irritation from pinching and pulling.

Adam Farra, CEO of HostGator says, “It can be a bit of a chore to make certain that your site is mobile-friendly. But it’s worth the effort. Doing so will help to assure that your site ranks as highly as possible in search engine results”.

6. Security

WordPress comes with decent security features, but consider implementing more advanced security measures using plugins and other best practices to deter potential threats. Ilia Kolochenko, CEO of High-Tech Bridge says, “I would say that a popular CMS, such as WordPress or Joomla may be considered secure in default installation if they are properly configured, don’t have third-party code and are up to date”.

7. Search engine optimization

Consider search engine optimization (SEO) to enhance the visibility of your website on Google and other search engines. Using SEO best practices along with WordPress plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast you’ll be headed in the right direction. In addition to search engine optimization, it’s important to use the new SEO (Social Engine Optimization) as well. Establish an active presence on the social media networks where your customers spend the most time and you’ll quickly build a brand people trust.
[Source:- Socialmediatoday]

How Does Big Data Change Social Media Marketing Strategies

The amount of data businesses have today to analyze and utilize is unprecedented, and it’s literally growing every second. With so much data available, some businesses don’t quite know what to do—but there’s one avenue it can be applied to that can change everything: social media marketing.

Social Media: A Data-Driven World

Social media may have started out as a way for friends to connect with each other, family, and celebrities, but now it’s all about business. Social media networks have covered this deception well, and the majority of the younger generation and those not embroiled in business probably don’t realize how much their actions on social media are being tracked and monitored for commercial gain.

The truth is, social media isn’t just a factor that influences big data – it’s a part of it. According to industry experts, 90 percent of data we use today was collected over the past two years, and 80 percent of it has come from what analysts call “unstructured” sources, such as social media.

Views, likes, shares, follows, retweets, downloads, and comments all count as information that can be used to interpret what the customers want and how businesses must deliver if they wish to stay competitive.  It’s the heart of data collection, so obviously things are bound to change.

Social Media Marketing Will Never Be the Same

Since social media and data are entirely inseparable, it becomes clear that using big data through social media is no longer an option, but a necessity. Every business that has found success has done so by riding the waves of social media and its copious amounts of information regarding the consumer. Here are just a few of the ways that social media marketing has changed under the influence of big data collection.

Enhanced Customer Service: Where would corporations be today without data that tells them exactly where their customers are, what they want, and how to deliver it? Everything from the advertisements running on Facebook to the content that pops up on your Twitter feed is designed to make the consumer’s life just a little bit better.

More Engaged Employees: The data used in social media makes the job hunt easier. The information provided helps you find employees who are devoted to your cause and are genuinely interested in helping the consumer. Companies can advertise job postings through sites like LinkedIn and attract employees through engaging Facebook posts. Finding the right employee is just the first step. With more engaged employees comes a much more productive workforce. Big data is being used in HR to better understand workforce productivity and allow employers to make better hiring and management decisions that lead to better employee engagement.

New Predictions: A major aspect of social media data is the ability to predict trends in order to keep up with the customers and the hottest products. Instead of relying exclusively on past performance to tell them what they should be improving, they can look at real data that gauges the likely effectiveness of a strategy.

Improved operating margins are a big perk here. According to data from McKinsey & Company, retail businesses can use big data to increase their operating margins by more than 60 percent. This can foster development of new approaches that can predict customer behavior and improve A/B testing, resulting in better products and services overall.

Individualized Algorithms: Competition is a very important part of the free market. It keeps prices fair and encourages businesses to thrive. However, when businesses become too similar due to competition, it leads to businesses shutting down. Big data offers more unique, customized algorithms for businesses that allow them to be truly different from their competitors.

With the use of such algorithms, businesses can finally pay more attention to their own processes because they’re finally following distinct patterns. It becomes less about the measurable and comparable quantities of your social interactions, and more about targeting the customer and the benefits that follow.

[Source:- Socialmediatoday]