Google Street View Can Now Be Used to Explore the International Space Station

Google Street View Can Now Be Used to Explore the International Space Station


  • The imagery already available in Google Street View
  • The astronaut captured imagery over six months
  • Space constraints posed difficulties in capturing imagery

Google Street View in search giant’s Maps service is one of those features that has given users a much better idea of various locations around the world than satellite imagery ever could. Moving forward leaps and bounds, Google Street View now allows users to see the International Space Station (ISS) as close as they can see the streets of London from their homes.

The search giant has launched a new option for Google Street View that allows users to see the 15 connected modules of the ISS. Thomas Pesquet, an astronaut at the European Space Agency (ESA), spent six months on the International Space Station (ISS) as a flight engineer to capture the Street View imagery, Google said in its blog post.

“The mission was the first time Street View imagery was captured beyond planet Earth, and the first time annotations – helpful little notes that pop up as you explore the ISS – have been added to the imagery,” Google said. While this is certainly an interesting option for users, Pesquet explained that due to the constraints of living and working in space, Google’s usual methods of capturing Street View couldn’t be used.

“Instead, the Street View team worked with NASA at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas and Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama to design a gravity-free method of collecting the imagery using DSLR cameras and equipment already on the ISS,” he said.

Post this, Pesquet sent the still photos captured by him to the Earth where they were stitched together to create panaromic 360-degree imagery of the ISS.

As pointed out in a report by TechCrunch, when the imagery was being captured, one of Space X’s Dragon vehicles was parked at the ISS. This means that users can also see how the cargo is supplied to the ISS. You can check out the new imagery from space already from Street View section on the company’s website.


Paytm Now Offering Refunds for Movie Tickets at a Nominal Charge

Paytm Now Offering Refunds for Movie Tickets at a Nominal Charge

Buying movie tickets online is incredibly convenient, but if your plans change for any reason – maybe one of your friends couldn’t make it for the show, or perhaps you booked the wrong day by mistake – then your money gets wasted. However, the good news is that soon, you might be able to cancel booked tickets without losing any money. Paytm has started to roll out a new feature called Cancellation Protect, which will allow you to cancel your tickets up to three hours ahead of the scheduled show timing if you agree to pay a nominal amount upfront.

Paytm’s Cancellation Protect isn’t a completely unique idea – BookMyShow has been working on a ‘reserve ticket’ feature for some time now as well that lets you book the tickets without paying, so you can cancel ahead of the show without losing any money. However, BookMyShow’s offering is also only available in a limited number of cinemas.

Paytm’s Cancellation Protect feature doesn’t seem to be available to all users yet. Someone on the Gadgets 360 team noticed the feature when looking at tickets on the site, but others do not have the option at present. Gadgets 360 has written to Paytm to find out more about when this feature will be available to all users, but in the meantime, here’s what we know so far.

Paytm’s Cancellation Protect is an opt-in, paid extra. You have to pay Rs. 9 per ticket in the booking to get cancellation protect, and if you then cancel your tickets up to three hours before the show, you will get a full refund of your money – in the form of a Paytm cash back.

The feature is only available on a limited number of seats per screening, and that too only in select cinemas, so even once the feature is more widely rolled out, you may not get the option right away. Also, if you do cancel your tickets, you’ll be writing off the Rs. 9 per ticket, along with any additional fees such as the convenience fees, or the food and beverage fees.

Also, there’s no such thing as partial cancellation of an order, so if you have five tickets and one of your friends drops out – you can either cancel the whole order, or find a friend who’s more reliable.

bms reserve bookmyshow

This is largely how it works with BookMyShow as well – the main difference being that BookMyShow lets you book the ticket without paying upfront, while Paytm has you pay, and then refunds you if necessary. The other difference is that with Paytm, you can cancel up to three hours before the show time. With BookMyShow, you can pay up to one hour before the show time – after that, you lose out on the tickets.

Like Paytm, BookMyShow’s offering is also available only in a select few cinemas for now; further, only a limited number of seats allow reservations, much like with Paytm.

Despite the limitations, these two services add a lot of value to cinema goers, and will hopefully become more widespread.


Samsung Gear S3 UK release date announced, pre-order now open

After the Samsung Gear S2 won Wearable of the Year at the T3 Awards 2016, we’ve been eagerly waiting for the Samsung Gear S3 to get a concrete release date.

Well, luckily for us, that has just happened, with the new series launching on November 11, 2016. In addition, UK pre-orders for the Samsung Gear S3 are also now live.

Two models are available for pre-order, the Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Samsung Gear S3 Frontier, both of which retail for £349.

With a promised 4-day battery life, 360 x 360 Fullcolor AOD display with Corning® Gorilla® Glass SR+, wireless charging, 4GB of on-board storage, Exynos 7270, 1Ghz dual-core processor and super fast Tizen OS 2.3.2 OS, the Samsung Gear S3 looks like it could become the new king of the smartwatch market.

Naturally, will have a full review coming shortly, so keep your eyes peeled to the site over the next week or two.



[Source:- T3]

Game of Thrones Who? Amazon’s ‘The Grand Tour’ Is Now the Most Pirated Show Ever

"The Grand Tour" debuted on Amazon Prime

There’s no such thing as a free ride, but millions of people are apparently trying to hitch one by illegally downloading episodes of Jeremy Clarkson’s new Amazon mega-hit, “The Grand Tour.”

Focusing on cars and different adventures shared by a group of friends, “The Grand Tour” has been pirated more times than any other show in history, analysts from the firm Muso told the Mail on Sunday.

Since the show was released, the first three episodes have been illegally downloaded 18.9 million times, according to data provided by Muso.


The staggering number makes it “the most illegally downloaded program ever,” even more than “Game of Thrones,” Chris Elkins, Muso’s chief commercial officer, told the Mail.

It’s no surprise the show is a hit for Amazon. It marks the return to the screen for Jeremy Clarkson, who was the star of BBC’s ratings juggernaut, “Top Gear.”

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told the Sunday Telegraph that bringing Clarkson and his friends to Amazon was “very, very, very expensive.”

So it’s a safe bet that Bezos and his team wish you’d cut them some slack and pay the $100 Amazon Prime fee to watch the show.




[Source:- NBC]

Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and Pixel C users can now install Android 7.1 Developer Preview

As is the norm before a commercial release, Google has published the Developer Preview version of Android 7.1 Nougat. For now, this preview build is only compatible with the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and the Pixel C. Since this is meant to be a developer only build, there are bound to be some errors and minor bugs with this build, so it’s not recommended if you use either of these devices as your daily driver.

Android 7.1 is already running on the recently launched Google Pixel and the Pixel XL, but is yet to be made available for the rest of the Nexus family. Although manufacturers are already working on the Android Nougat update, they’re yet to begin development on Android 7.1. This means that upcoming Nougat updates will be Android 7.0 and not 7.1.

This could further dampen the spirits at Google, who have been haunted by the ghosts of fragmentation since the inception of Android. We’re yet to get a detailed understanding of how Google intends to fight this, but things don’t seem to have changed much over the past couple of years.

To be eligible to receive the Android 7.1 dev preview for your compatible devices, you can sign up for Google’s Android Beta Program. The Developer Preview will be sent out to the older Nexus devices soon, but the company has failed to give a provide a date or month.


[Source:- Techrader]


Demonetisation blues? Now get cash delivered to your home via Snapdeal!

Snapdeal has launched a service called [email protected] through which you can get up-to Rs 2,000 in cash delivered to your home.

The service, which is currently available in Gurugram and Bengaluru is free of any hidden terms and conditions. You don’t have to order anything from Snapdeal and have to pay just a convenience charge of Rs 1. The company says the money is being distributed as a “goodwill gesture”, and comes from the money it receives as CoD.

How does it work?
1. Install the Snapdeal App
2. Allow location access so it can check if there is cash available in your area
3. If cash is available, you will get a notification via SMS and on your mobile which will take you to the order page
4. Pay a convenience charge of Rs 1 either via FreeCharge or your debit/credit card
5. A Snapdeal executive will arrive at your house the next day with a POS machine and you have to just swipe your card to get the cash
6. There is a Rs 2,000 per day limit on the booking

Great move amidst cash crunch
This is a great move from the company at a time when people are really facing the heat due to demonetisation and are strapped of cash. Yes, this will increase the company’s reach and app installs and also frees up the company from having to deposit the cash in it’s own account, but is a great gesture nonetheless.

Rohit Bansal, co-founder, Snapdeal says “At Snapdeal, we aim to be the marketplace that seamlessly services every customer need. As the country transitions to a more digitally enabled economy, we’ve launched a series of timely initiatives – from wallet and card on delivery, to extending FreeCharge partnerships to smoothen this transition. The launch of the cash on demand service is intended to further help our consumers tide over any cash crunch that they might face in addressing their daily needs.”



[Source:- Techrader]

Dreamweaver Beta 3 is out now


At long last, Adobe has discovered the text editor. Yes, I’m kidding, but let’s not lie to ourselves; the main feature of the DW series has always been the drag ‘n’ drop editor. Sure, you could use it as a code-only editor, but there were always much cheaper alternatives that did it better.

They also did it faster.

Well the new Dreamweaver Beta 3 is out, and Adobe is trying to shake off the specter of versions past. I gave it a whirl, and found plenty to like, and a few things to be sarcastic about— it’s a win-win for me.

First, let’s tackle the latest features, most of which have to do with the “code workspace” (that is, the text editor). Firstly, Dreamweaver now supports PHP 5.6 all the way. That’s great for everybody who hasn’t moved to the latest stable version of PHP, which is 7.0.1—Ah, they’ll get there.

The full screen mode for the text editor now works on Mac. “That’s good, probably,” said the Windows/Linux guy.

You can now compile LESS and SASS on demand, or automatically. Take your pick. Files inside of your “Site” or project folder get compiled automatically. Files outside of the project folder can be compiled by hitting F9.

Lastly, they made some small tweaks and improvements to the find/replace function.

Now I’d like to mention some things that I liked about it when I tried it out:

  • They’re making it even easier to work with media queries in Live Mode. You can add them straight from the rulers on the top and sides now.
  • Emmet seems to be a default feature. Always a win for us front-end guys.
  • They have pre-installed snippets for Bootstrap components, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, and other popular frameworks. We can probably expect to see this list grow over time.
  • It really does run a lot faster than I remember it running in the old days. It seems Adobe is pushing for better performance in all of their products, and Dreamweaver got the treatment too.

Dreamweaver is still a huge application, and doesn’t have that beautiful sense of focus that you get from text editors like Atom, Sublime Text, or even Visual Studio Code. It is making a lot of progress in the right direction, though. I can easily see it being used in multidisciplinary teams and agencies, where some might design primarily in live mode, and others focus on the back end.

With the current pricing scheme, it probably won’t be competing with design teams that want a purely visual tool. They’ll still be flocking to the cloud applications.

To justify that monthly price per person, it’s for people who need both.



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Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link fan now makes the air in your home pure, hot and/or cool

Last year’s Dyson Pure Link was the British brand’s first connected device, and scooped a T3 Award nomination for the usual Dyson blend of stylish design and clever engineering. The app and connectivity were unusually good for a first effort, too.

Sold as an air purifier – they’re big in Japan, we’re assured – the Pure Link was also, obviously, a fan. So you can probably guess what the new Pure Hot + Cold Link is. That’s right: it’s a fan that’s also a vacuum cleaner… and hairdryer!


No, okay, it’s an air purifier, fan, and heater, all in one.

This do-it-all fan does actually suck up dust, so in a sense it’s a bit like a vac. It’s just that it sucks it from the air, using a glass and carbon HEPA filter that’s easy to fit and £50 to replace, about once every year or so.

The technology employed munches up 99.95% of potentially harmful particles as small as 0.1 microns.

Control is via the same app used for the 360 Eye and original Pure Link, letting you either turn it on remotely, set a schedule, or allow it to work automatically, spinning up when built-in dust and chemical sensors detect heightened pollution levels, for instance if you’re cooking, or your kids have been smoking and then spraying Lynx about in a feeble attempt to mask the smell. Kids are idiots.

Heating and cooling can similarly be set to work automatically, keeping your room at a temperature of your choosing. The app also lets you monitor pollution and temperature levels both indoors and out.

We’d actually question the provable health benefits of air purification if you’re not an allergy sufferer. However, even if it doesn’t help you live longer, having cleaner air at home is undoubtedly more pleasant.

As ever, with Dyson, the Pure Hot + Cool Link is an attractive thing, even if its slightly squat form lacks the elegance of the floor-standing original Link. This alternative blue and silver-grey colour scheme is undeniably fierce.


The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link is available now in America and from September 1 in the UK, priced £499.99


[Source: T3]

LinkedIn Now Supports Hashtags Again – Sort of

LinkedIn Now Supports Hashtags Again – Sort of | Social Media Today

Everyone knows that LinkedIn doesn’t support hashtags, right? That, of course, doesn’t stop people from using them on the platform all the time, much to the amusement of smug social media types (myself included) who scoff at such folly – “hashtags don’t work on LinkedIn, fool”.

As it turns out, the “fools” may actually be onto something, as LinkedIn has announced that it now supports hashtags. Sort of.

In a new post on the LinkedIn blog, LinkedIn has outlined ways in which they’ve improved the search functionality of their mobile app.

For example, LinkedIn have updated their search functionality to enable users to find articles which they’ve seen in their feeds:

“Enter the keywords you remember in the search box and find what you’re looking for under the Posts tab of the search results page.”

They’ve also updated their overall content search capacity, with improved options to help you find relevant on-platform material related to any topic.

And they’ve also added new hashtag search capacity:

“Hashtags included in your posts (or others) are now tappable and lead to search results so that you can discover other posts with the same hashtag. Simply add a hashtag to your post and it will be automatically available publicly. As you would expect, you can also search for a hashtag to see all public posts tagged with it.”

So, now you can use hashtags on LinkedIn, and they’re actually searchable. Mostly.

In what seems like an odd move, hashtag functionality has only been added to the app. For example, in the app, I can see this post with an active, clickable hashtag – I tap on it and it takes me to the relevant search results for that tag (image 2).

But on desktop, that hashtag is not clickable. Not in the slightest.

So while LinkedIn has added hashtag functionality, it’s not universal across all devices, which seems like an oversight – why not make them active everywhere?

In other words, some non-app users may still see LinkedIn hashtag users as fools, however it may be they who are the fools, especially considering the majority of LinkedIn traffic is now mobile-originated.

Worth noting, too, that LinkedIn did once support hashtags previously, back in 2013, but they rolled it back due to poor user response. This may be why there’s still a level of confusion as to whether hashtags are applicable on the platform or not.

In summary, none of us are actual fools in this scenario. Or we all are, I don’t know – but LinkedIn kind of supports hashtags again, either way.



[Source: Socialmediatoday]


GoToMyPC hit by means of ‘state-of-the-art attack’ – change your password now

GoToMyPC hit by 'sophisticated attack' – change your password now

At the weekend, it emerged that Citrix’s GoToMyPC carrier has been hit through a few shape of assault, necessitating all users to reset their passwords to make sure debts aren’t compromised.

news of the incident first emerged on Saturday, and there has been a in addition replace from Citrix yesterday, with the business enterprise saying that its far off laptop get entry to device were hit via a “very state-of-the-art password assault“.

whether or not this become an outright hack of the company‘s own systems, or spillage from a thirdparty breach wasn’t made clear, although you could most effective assume it was the formerdue to the fact if there was any suspicion of the latter, it might in all likelihood have been referred to.

No indication of what number of customers were probably affected was given.

Citrix’s safety crew called for a password reset throughout the person base, so if you‘ve not logged in since the weekend, you will want to carry out the reset earlier than you could use the service again.
beef up that password

Citrix cautioned: “To reset your password please use your everyday GoToMyPC login link.” furthermore, the firm noted that you need to use a robust password for the new one, along with a mix of characters preferably with some capital letters and symbols.

it is also really worth noting that GoToMyPC offers two-step verification, so it is probably really worth setting that up with a purpose to shielding your account against comparable attacks in the future. In all honesty, anywhere some shape of twocomponent authentication is offered, you should clearly set it up, what with the increasing quantity of hack attacks and breaches occurring in recent times.

lower back at the begin of this month, TeamViewer users also suffered compromised bills, despite the fact that in this situation the company claimed a hack became certainly no longer the motive, and instead the breaches were down to the same passwords being reused throughout online bills (with the password being located through a breach of every other organization).