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What Is Fuchsia, Google’s New Operating System?

Fuchsia a totally new operating system, currently in the very early stages of development at Google. How does it differ from Android and Chrome, and might it replace either one? Let’s break it down. What Is This Thing? Fuchsia first popped up on the tech world’s radar


Once upon a time, we thought that hair came in a variation of about, umm… five shades: blonde, brunette, black, red and grey. Oh, how wrong we were! With the help of the internet — specifically Instagram and Pinterest — a whole new world of hair colours has opened

Is social media ruining your social life?

In fact, there are two new studies — which were both led by Jeffrey Hall, an associate professor of communication studies at the University of Kansas in Lawrence — that dispel “social displacement theory.” Social displacement theory basically states that the more time you spend in the world of

Social Media Is Corrupting the Youth Slightly Less Than We Feared

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram might not be destroying the minds of The Youth™ as much as we thought, according to a recent review published in Educational Psychology. In some cases, social media could even be helping them do better at school. German researchers analyzed 59 published and unpublished studies that

The latest Kim Kardashian internet meme is the strangest one yet

When it comes to the world of .gif creation and online memes, the Kardashians are never far away. With the likes of the ‘Name a more iconic duo… I’ll wait’ meme of Kylie and Kendall Jenner that got globally mocked and Inception-d as a meme within a meme, their involvement in all

‘The IKEA challenge’ is the internet’s latest dumb viral sensation

We all remember the crazy fads from our school days. You know; pogs, yoyos, locking yourself in a shop overnight. No? OK, you might not remember the last one as it’s currently sweeping Europe. The IKEA Challenge, as it’s being called, is to attempt to hide inside

Nougat is now most popular Android operating system

Sarah Tew/CNET First released 18 months ago, Nougat is now the most popular Android OS in the world, having finally overtaken its predecessor, Marshmallow. Nougat (7.0 and 7.1) is installed on 28.5 per cent of Android phones, according to visits to the Google Play store in the first

AbRam Khan is Breaking the Internet With Latest Photo

AbRam is a favourite among fans and his striking resemblance to his father, Shah Rukh Khan certainly doesn’t hurt. While we await the next photo that will break the internet, here are a few from the archives:(We Indians have much to talk about these days. But what

Why It Is Time To Take A Systematic Approach To Social Media Marketing

Social media saw significant growth in 2017. Mobile social media usage grew 30% year over year, Instagram monthly active users grew to 700 million and Snapchat and Pinterest continued to see increased engagement metrics. Brands of all sizes cranked up spending to ride the social media wave, with advertising spend on social

What is CRM Software and How Can it Help My Business?

As small businesses begin to prosper and thrive, sustainability is bound to be an issue — particularly where customer satisfaction is concerned. After all, as your company grows, priorities and processes tend to change. If left unsupported, those changes could ultimately fracture your company’s relationship with its