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How do I tackle machine learning in software testing?

Welcome to the world of machine learning in software testing. Machine-learning software takes past data and uses that data to better understand and make decisions in a problem domain. It consists of a series of mathematical algorithms that are able to adjust themselves based on its understanding of that

Do You Know What it Feels Like to Get Hacked?

Hopefully your answers is “no”, and the intention of this blog is to keep you cyber safe in 2017. Remember the hack of the Ashley Madison site? The top 3 passwords used on that site were “123456”, “12345” and “password”. While there are no guarantees that malicious actors won’t get to your

Android apps on Chromebooks: do not assume immediately magic

well, gang, it is clearly taking place: the entire Google Play save of Android apps is beginning to show up on Chromebooks. We first heard approximately the pass for the duration of Google’s I/O builders‘ conference closing month. And even as the capability to install Android apps