WhatsApp Starts Allowing Sharing of All File Types on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone: Reports

WhatsApp Starts Allowing Sharing of All File Types on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone: Reports

Users in Kuwait and Sri Lanka are seeing the support for all file type
The roll out has happened only to select users
WhatsApp will roll out support to everyone soon
WhatsApp has long been used as a medium to share photos, videos, and even Word docs. And for those files that weren’t supported on WhatsApp, users tend to go the long route by uploading them first on the cloud, and then sharing the link for download. There are several other workarounds, including third-party apps, to get your unsupported file from one sender to another, but it appears WhatsApp no longer wants you to use those. The company is said to be testing support for all types of file transfers (including archives) on Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone with a limited number of users, removing any hindrance of file sharing on WhatsApp.

WABetaInfo spotted this roll out, and claims that it’s a phased one. While some users in countries like India, Japan, Kuwait, Sri Lanka have reported that the support has arrived, there are several other users that do not see it still. However, WhatsApp can be expected to roll this feature out to everyone in the due course of time. The file sharing limit is at 128MB on iOS, 64MB on Web, and 100MB on Android, WABetaInfo reports.This new feature will now allow you to share video in a wide variety of formats, MP3 songs, or even APK files for that matter on WhatsApp. As of now, it’s now certain what type of file-checking system WhatsApp has put into place to prevent transfer of malicious or booby-trapped files. The other neat addition noted by the tipster is that with the new sharing feature, WhatsApp also allows you to send uncompressed photos and videos without compromising on resolution, but the ceiling limit is too low for high-quality video clips of sufficient length. Presumably, this cap has been enforced to not overwhelm WhatsApp’s servers with huge files.
WhatsApp is also tipped to be working on a recall feature that allows you to undo a message sent to someone, and is also working on bringing the new Status feature to WhatsApp Web.


Get fit 2017: all the fitness gear you need to fight the festive flab

If the overindulgence of Christmas has inspired you to get fit in early 2017, we’ve got you covered.

Whether it’s the best fitness band to keep a track of your steps or a new treadmill for your home, we’ve rounded up all our top features into one handy guide.

Let’s kick off our ultimate fitness gear guide with five top tips from Nick Anderson. He’s a GB and EA running coach, PT, plus a coach for Saucony, High5, and the Running Bug. So basically, somebody who knows a lot about running!

Nick’s best running tips

  1. Enter a race or an event. This gives you a goal and real target, date and objective to work towards.
  2. Get a plan towards this goal or event and choose one thats realistic. It could be written by a top coach and aimed at your ability, pace and experience making it achievable.
  3. Surround yourself with positive people when chasing the resolution. This could mean training with friends or a running group to make your plan fun. Equally it could be buddying up with a friend to go to the gym or a new conditioning class.
  4. Join one of the communities aimed at supporting you and your new year resolution/pledge. RunningBug offer Run Yourself New and there is also the Jantastic community.
  5. Remind yourself why you set the resolution and how you were feeling at the time. We often get more time over the festive season in the build up to New Year to assess our lives, goals and direction. Then when New Year arrives we abandon the resolution as already too busy. Think about how you felt and ring fence the time to make this resolution work each day and week…..running just 3 times a week can see fantastic result for example!

Now read on for all the fitness gear you need in your life, from fitness bands to mobile apps

Best running shoes to buy

Picking up a great pair of running shoes is essential to ensuring your fitness regime goes to plan and we’ve tested a whole load of the best. Aside from making sure your feet are comfortable, a great pair of running trainers should offer support, let your feet breath and boast some extra nifty bits of tech to round things off. We’ve also got some top tips on choosing the right pair of shoes for your running style.

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Best running headphones

So, you’ve got your sparkly new fitness band, a treadmill for your home gym and stocked up on enough pairs of running shoes to last you the year, what else do you need? A great pair of running headphones, that’s what. Yes, we know, you could stick with the buds that came bundled with your phone, but we all know that they’re not very good. Instead, you should pick up a pair of dedicated ‘phones, which won’t fall out of your ears as soon as you start running. Many of these are resistant to sweat too, which is a must, for us anyway and they sound fantastic. Perfect for pumping out your handcrafted gym playlist.

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Best football boots to buy

The options here range from solid, mid-range boots to wild flights of footwear tech fancy. Don’t forget to carefully choose between the various options that most of them offer with, for instance, variants for hard and soft ground. You should also probably be realistic about your skills. Having a boot that’s super-light and offers next to no protection is not a great idea if you’re not as fleet of foot as you once were. On the other hand, having a super-flash set of boots can give you added confidence and a better first touch, if you’re not completely hopeless in the first place.

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Best sports sunglasses

If you’re looking for the best sports sunglasses you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put our eyes on the line testing the very best shades money can buy. Whether you’re running, cycling, golfing, or fishing this list is for you.

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 Our buying guides for bikes

Nothing beats buzzing around town on two wheels during the summer months. Evening pub pints with pals are made even more appealing without the worry of sweaty public transport or the ferocious cost of cabs, while the daily commute can provide some much-needed post-winter fat removal when tackled on two wheels.

We’ve collated the best of this year’s offerings under £1,500 as well as the top electric bikes, road bikes under £2,000 as well as expensive elite choices.


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Nasa makes all research free to the public in fight against academic journal paywalls

Expedition 48 Commander Jeff Williams in space

What’s the point of research, if hardly anyone can read it? Nasa has decided to make all of the scientific research it funds available for the general public to access for free from a new public web portal, even if the research originates from a peer-reviewed journal that might be behind a paywall.

The PubSpace portal will archive all original journal articles that were produced by Nasa-funded research, and the data must be submitted and available for the public to download, read and analyse within one year after the paper is first published.

“At Nasa, we are celebrating this opportunity to extend access to our extensive portfolio of scientific and technical publications,” said Nasa Deputy Administrator Dava Newman. “Through open access and innovation we invite the global community to join us in exploring Earth, air and space.”

Nasa’s move to launch a portal of research results comes as a result of a request from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, which has directed all scientific funding bodies in the US to increase the access given to federally-funded research results.

But it also sends a powerful message to academic publishers and copyright holders that Nasa essentially doesn’t agree with the concept of restricting access to scientific research only to those who are willing to pay, which has led to a situation so dire that it is often difficult for academics to access even their own work.

Scientific community fighting for freedom of information

“I can haz PDF” is a secret code word used by scientists to secretly swap academic journals for freeCheezburger.com

In the last 12 months, the online movement of disgruntled academics and scientists has grown, leading to an increase in the number of people who are actively trying to find ways around academic paywalls in order to access the crucial research they need to do their jobs.

In November 2015, it was reported that scientists have been using the #IcanhazPDF hashtag on Twitter to quietly request help from other academics around the world whose institutions might have paid for access to a particular library of journals containing a very specific paper the seeker needs.

Those who have access to the particular papers for free download them on request and then email the paper to the Twitter user who asks, and then the tweets are deleted so that all evidence of the request and transaction is gone.

Frustration over journal paywalls has also led to the creation of Sci-Hub, a website that is essentially the “Pirate Bay for scientists”, enabling anyone to download over 48 million peer-reviewed academic papers for free in an instant, thanks to login credentials to paywalled journal databases that are given by supporters to Sci-Hub’s creator, neuroscientist Alexandra Elbakyan, who is based in Russia.

Despite multiple attempts by academic publisher Elsevier to get Sci-Hub taken offline and blocked from being accessed in the US, the website continues to be hugely popular with the global scientific community, and has even added the option for users to anonymously search for papers from within the encrypted messaging app Telegram.



[Source: Ibtimes]

Pokemon Go players risk all for their monsters

The Pokemon Go phenomenon has grown so rapidly that authorities in a number of countries have issued warnings about the dangers

Walk into a minefield, enter a military base or simply cross the road without looking: fans of Pokemon Go are prepared to do whatever it takes to capture the likes of Pikachu and its friends.

A virtual hunt that has taken players worldwide by storm, the game has had real-world consequences in the Tokyo stock exchange and beyond.

The “augmented reality” smartphone app challenges users to roam the real world in search of virtual cartoon monsters to capture and train for battles, incorporating characters from the hit Nintendo game of the 1990s.

“By appealing to several generations, from those who have memories of the original Pokemon in 1996 to the very youngest gamers, this app has the potential to reach vast numbers of players and become the reference point for virtual reality,” says Laurent Michaud, head of digital entertainment at the Idate ideas laboratory.

The phenomenon has grown so rapidly that authorities in a number of countries have issued warnings about the dangers of the game, while police forces have taken to social media to remind users how to behave safely in public spaces.

And not without cause—the hunt for Pokemon (or “pocket monsters”) has resulted in some unexpected situations.

In Indonesia, a French player was stopped by police and questioned for several hours after the app led him into a military base. He was later released.


Players in Bosnia meanwhile have been warned to avoid minefields, which remain a hangover from wars that wracked the country between 1992 and 1995.

And the Japanese government has published a leaflet advising children of the potential risks of Pokemon Go—including the dangers of playing the game while cycling—despite the app not yet having been officially released in the country.

Pokemon fatwa

Saudi Arabia has gone even further, with the country’s main religious body reissuing a fatwa first announced in 2001 banning any game involving Pokemon.

Pitting the characters against each other is associated with gambling, which is banned under Islam, and the game is also perceived as promoting Darwin’s theory of evolution.

The Israeli navy, however, makes no secret of its passion for Pokemon Go, publishing a screenshot of its forces capturing a sea-based monster with the caption: “There are some Pokemon only we can catch”.

A much-shared Palestinian tweet shows a Pikachu emerging from the ruins of house in Gaza.

While the game is only officially available in some 40 countries, many players have found ways to access the app before its release in their territory.

In France, where the game is still supposedly unavailable, police have already tweeted advice to Pokemon “trainers”, including: “Do not play Pokemon Go while driving” and “Pedestrians—take extra care”.

Behind the phenomenon is the Pokemon Company but also its shareholder Nintendo, the Japanese group whose devices have been needed to play any earlier versions of digital Pokemon games.


And while Nintendo’s profits from the recent explosion of Pokemon Go remain unknown, investors have already made their feelings felt.

Since the release of the game, shares in the group have more than doubled on the Tokyo stock exchange, even if their value remains well below a 2007-2008 peak, which came with the release of the Wii console.

But real-life security risks are not the only threat, as the game has already attracted the attention of hackers, according to the Russian internet security group Kaspersky.

“Nintendo servers have already experienced a number of problems concerning traffic, and their attackers are very aware that the group cannot afford to have broken or inactive servers,” says David Emm, a researcher at Kaspersky.
[Source: Phys.org]

All The Social Ladies Podcast: Kate Rados

All The Social Ladies Podcast: Kate Rados | Social Media Today

In a new episode of the ‘All the Social Ladies’ podcast, we speak with Kate Rados, VP of Community Development at Crown, a division of Penguin Random House. I was so happy to talk to her because I found her story to be completely fascinating – not just because of how she builds communities and helps empowers authors to share their stories through digital storytelling, but because of the story of her career and how she used her complete and total fearlessness to basically land every job she ever wanted. We could all learn a lot from her.

Key Topics

  • How Kate Got to Where She Is Today

  • Pushing Through The Fear

  • Measuring Social Media Performance

Key Answers

How did you push past the fear when taking on bigger and bigger challenges?

“As women, we have these amazing skill sets that we hone; we’re very inquisitive as professional women. We want to learn, we want to keep growing but because we’re pushing, we’re not always taking the moment to check ourselves. Then the imposter syndrome hits you. I try to own that moment and accept that I’m having a little bit of self doubt, but then you have to plough through. I will always try things – I never want to look back and have any regret.”

Tell me more about being the VP of Community Development at Crown Publishing.

“I’m in charge of everything that beats at Crown – everything from websites, to email marketing, to social media to consumer analysis. I run a team of 14 incredible people. We run all of the vertical communities for Crown Publishing and also ensure that every single author and title has some sort of social media presence. Our authors use social to really connect with their readers – it’s more than just sharing their book. They engage in ongoing conversations and will even ask their readers for advice. Readers really crave a sense of community. When you think about what you’re going to read next, you’ve probably heard it from a friend.”

Key Soundbites

– “In times of self-doubt, remember to always own that moment. Feel the fear, push through and do it anyway.”

– “We’re prepared to be surprised by anything related to social media. We aim to stay agile so we can hop on new trends when we need to.”

– “The world is full of content and as publishers, we have the amazing opportunity to dig into the depths of these stories and create wonderful and unique moments on social media.”



[Source: Social media today]

All the Social Women Podcast: Laurie Satran

All The Social Ladies Podcast: Laurie Satran | Social Media Today

In a new episode of the ‘All the Social Girls‘ podcast, we speak with Laurie Satran, the Social Media Method Manager at STARR Eating places. This is a restaurant institution that owns a number of exceptional restaurant kinds meaning that Laurie is doing social media advertising for they all – none of which can be the equal. You will hear approximately this and the exclusive strategies and procedures used for each, which is very different from marketing for a chain. You will hear the tale of her career, which does include pretty an thrilling stint behind the scenes of ‘The Actual Global‘. You may pay attention all about the training she’s discovered and universal, a way to market to a couple of audiences. Take a concentrate.
Key Subjects

How Laurie Went From Server to Social Media Manager at STARR Eating places

Aligning Your Social Media Method Throughout Many Locations

How STARR Restaurants Uses each of Its Social Networks

Key Answers

How Do You Increase A Social Media Strategy For lots one-of-a-kind Places?

“It’s important to discern out how each of your Places differs and who your customers are due to the fact these are the people you need to market to. You furthermore may need to don’t forget the strengths and challenges of every of your Places and how your target audience is interacting with you on social. Take a holistic method for your over-arching emblem and enterprise dreams, but virtually become acquainted with the Places themselves, their product and what makes them unique.”

How Do You Degree Success On Social to your different Locations?

“There are requirements that we set Across all of our Places, however some Restaurants do have sub-desires which we need to attain. As we’re so 9aaf3f374c58e8c9dcdd1ebf10256fa5 and acquainted in our market areas, it’s clean for us to fall from pinnacle of thoughts. In the end, one of our largest demanding situations is keeping focus and growing customer visits to keep us developing in those markets. It’s crucial to us to position our Eating places at the forefront so we are not considered as a company chain. We’re a boutique restaurant company and we want to have fun that.”
Key Soundbites

– “Constantly placed your customers in the center of the entirety which you‘re doing. Learn from them and parent out how to use this to construct upon your enterprise dreams.”

– “Using social media for my part is so important for assisting to tell your own individual logo tale.”

– “Take a holistic approach in your over-arching brand and enterprise goals, but virtually turn out to be acquainted with the Places themselves, their product and what makes them specific.”

Pope Francis urges compassion for all in landmark statement on family values

Papal document calls for Catholic church to revamp its response to modern family life, but remains firmly anti-abortion

Pope Francis greets people as he makes a tour of St Peter’s Square, the Vatican
Pope Francis says ‘every person, regardless of sexual orientation, ought to be respected’. Photograph: Giorgio Onorati/EPA

Pope Francis has called for the Catholic church to revamp its response to modern family life, striking a delicate balance between a more accepting tone towards gay people and the defence of traditional church teachings on issues such as abortion.

In a landmark papal document entitled Amoris Laetitia (Joy of Love), Francis outlined his vision for the church on family issues, urging priests to respond to their communities without mercilessly enforcing church rules: “Each country or region, moreover, can seek solutions better suited to its culture and sensitive to its traditions and local needs,” he wrote.

The apostolic exhortation concludes a two-year consultation that saw bishops twice gather in Rome to debate issues affecting the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics.

In comments likely to be welcomed by some LGBT organisations, Francis urged the church to “reaffirm that every person, regardless of sexual orientation, ought to be respected in his or her dignity and treated with consideration, while ‘every sign of unjust discrimination’ is to be carefully avoided, particularly any form of aggression and violence.”

But the pope stopped short of pushing for a change in church doctrine. “De facto or same-sex unions, for example, may not simply be equated with marriage,” said Francis.

“Such families should be given respectful pastoral guidance, so that those who manifest a homosexual orientation can receive the assistance they need to understand and fully carry out God’s will in their lives,” wrote the leader of the Catholic church. The church defines same-sex relationships as “intrinsically disordered”, although this phrase was absent from the exhortation.

Following lengthy debate about the role in the church for remarried divorcees, who are not allowed to take holy communion, Francis did not call for the rules to be changed but said such parishioners must be made to feel part of the church.

“[They] should not be pigeonholed or fit into overly rigid classifications leaving no room for a suitable personal and pastoral discernment,” he said. Divorce was described as an “evil” which priests should help Catholics avoid, while being understanding towards those whose marriages have broken down.

Progressives have proposed the use of an “internal forum” in which a priest or bishop work with a Catholic who has divorced and remarried to decide jointly, privately and on a case-by-case basis if he or she can be fully re-integrated and receive communion.

Francis hinted his support for this, saying that although he could “not provide a new set of general rules … applicable to all cases”, he called for “responsible, personal and pastoral discernment of particular cases”.

Introducing the document in the Vatican on Friday, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, general secretary of the synod of bishops, praised the pope’s intervention: “In an era of global crisis in which families often suffer, the exhortation takes a positive look at the beauty of married love and the family.”

The Italian prelate lauded Francis for recognising the need for priests to help families experiencing difficulty. “To accompany and integrate people who live in these so-called ‘irregular’ situations, pastors need to look them in the face one by one,” Baldisseri told journalists at the Vatican.

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, the archbishop of Vienna, who is viewed as a progressive within the Vatican hierarchy, said the document showed something had changed in the church discourse. “Pope Francis speaks about families with a clarity that is not easy to find in the magisterial documents on the church,” he said.

“Pope Francis has succeeded in speaking about all situations without cataloguing them, without categorising, with that outlook of fundamental benevolence that is associated with the heart of God,” the cardinal added.

In the document, reflecting the hands-on approach seen throughout Francis’ three-year papacy, the pope emphasised the need for priests to reach out to members of their communities and present the church as a “field hospital”.

In recognising the Catholic church’s waning appeal to young people in recent years, Francis urged churchmen to present a more appealing view of marriage. “I think of Saint Valentine’s Day; in some countries, commercial interests are quicker to see the potential of this celebration than are we in the church,” he wrote during a section on marriage preparation.

The pontiff also dedicated two pages to “the erotic dimension of love” within marriage, promoting a positive vision of sexuality. “[This] must be seen as a gift from God that enriches the relationship of the spouses,” he said.

Formal sex education in schools, however, was decried as promoting narcissism through its discussion of safe sex. “Such expressions convey a negative attitude towards the natural procreative finality of sexuality, as if an eventual child were an enemy to be protected against,” wrote Francis, asserting the church’s opposition to contraception.

In discussing reproduction, the pope voiced the Vatican’s opposition to abortion in all circumstances: “No alleged right to one’s own body can justify a decision to terminate that life.”

The pope also showed no opening towards fertility treatment, describing creation as something which “must be received as a gift” and suggested infertile couples adopt.

Although the apostolic exhortation continues church rules that have remained in place for generations, the document also contains hints of the perceptiveness that has made the pope a popular figure globally.

“Much hurt and many problems result when we stop looking at one another,” he wrote, listing a string of common complains of family members feeling invisible or uncared for.

Childish behaviour was another problem the pontiff saw afflicting marriages. “Only in their forties do some people achieve a maturity that should have come at the end of adolescence,” he remarked.

The 79-year-old pontiff also explored the way technology affects relationships, such as when people stay on their mobile phones during meal times. He saw the fast pace of the online world impacting people’s approach to relationships: “They believe, along the lines of social networks, that love can be connected or disconnected at the whim of the consumer, and the relationship quickly ‘blocked’.”

In addition to drawing on the challenges of the internet, the papal document also touched upon a number of other issues affecting families, such as abuse, migration and unemployment.

[Source:- Gurdian]

Being Future Strong is All About Simplicity

Bill Jensen is a simpleton and proud of it. He’s known for extremely useful content and a passion for helping people work smarter, not harder. As CEO of The Jensen Group, Jensen works with an enviable list of clients including Bank of America, Pfizer, GE, L’Oréal Italia, NASA, Philips Lighting, and many others, to help them double their efficiency. That’s quite an amazing achievement.

For the past 25 years, Jensen has studied how work gets done, and much of what he’s discovered he finds horrifying, so, he’s on a mission to empower businesses around the world to do something about it.

Jensen’s latest book Future Strong, is based on research from crowd-sourcing 7,000 senior executives and asking them, “What makes you, you?” and “What makes the tough choices that we all need to make as leaders to make future strong organizations?”

It’s all about breaking it down and making things simple. Jensen’s books, blog articles and speeches convey his insights to help people across all industries become more efficient by working smarter, not harder.

In a hyper-fast digital age, where innovation occurs seemingly by the hour, Jensen’s advice is to be ready for what’s around the corner with an eye toward getting things done today.

On episode 102 of the Social Business Engine podcast you’ll hear why Jensen says the disruptive economy requires a workforce that is future strong and exactly what that means to each of us individually and to brands around the world. You’ll hear Jensen’s secrets to building your best future and how to lead your organization into the future.

On This Social Business Engine Podcast Episode You’ll Discover

  • The five choices to be future strong individually and in a company: inner truth, soul on fire, humble self, sacrifice, and reliance.
  • Why you should manage your skills like an investment portfolio by being prepared for tomorrow and be willing to let go of what no longer serves you.
  • Why you should be intensely curious to be future strong.
  • Why Jensen says, personal choices are corporate choices, and corporate choices are personal choices.
  • When researching for Future Strong, Jensen crowd-sourced 7,000 senior executives, asking them, “What makes you, you?” and “What makes the tough choices that we all need to make as leaders to make future strong organizations?”
  • How companies can leverage employees’ crucible moments to forge new programs, strategies and procedures.
[Source:- Socialmediatoday]