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Gadgets & Gizmos: Not An Idiot Box

If you’re shopping for the best TV tech these days, you’re probably going to have to pick between OLED and QLED. OLED TV panels are insanely thin, some even wallpaper-like, and offer uncompromised contrast levels, but they come with a price tag as large as the TV

How Intel’s Latest Server Chip Will Speed Up Everyday Internet Services & Future Technologies

Phones, laptops, PCs let you get online. But once there, a ‘server’ is what you connect with to get anything meaningful done. And the company that makes over 90% of online servers just upgraded their latest batch to be more powerful and energy efficient than ever before.

The power of listening & social media

When you think about social media do you think about what your next post is going to do for your brand?  How many new followers, likes, and shares you can garner? It seems social media these days is all about saying something. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if

Nutanix NOS 4.0: Major Control & Data Fabric Enhancements

Nutanix launched version 4.0 of its operating system (NOS) this week. This updated platform packs a number of new features and improvements, including end-to-end system analytics and multi-cluster management in the control fabric. NOS 4.0 also adds tunable resilience and distributed data services in the data fabric.