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Xiaomi to Hold Its First MIUI Partnership Day in India on November 7

HIGHLIGHTS Xiaomi says this is its first MIUI Partnership Day in the country The company aims to boost localisation of MIUI Xiaomi already has an R&D unit in India Xiaomi on Tuesday announced it would be holding it first MIUI Partnership Day in India next month, with the aim to

Micromax to launch Android Oreo Go OS-based ‘Bharat Go’ smartphone soon

Home-grown information technology company Micromax on January 15 announced the launch of Bharat Go, a smartphone based on Google Android Oreo Go edition. The smartphone is expected to be unveiled by the end of January.“Taking the mission of connecting the unconnected ahead, and providing the best in class mobility

Windows 10 S Can Now Be Installed on Any PC With New Tool

HIGHLIGHTS Microsoft is making it easier to try Windows 10 S Insiders can now test Windows 10 S on their machines Microsoft announced Windows 10 S earlier this year As Microsoft works to extend the reach of Windows 10 S, an additional education-focused variant of its desktop operating

Ola Partners Indus OS to Integrate Its App on the Domestic Operating System

HIGHLIGHTS The move will provide Ola access to over 8 million users of Indus OS Integration will make Ola available in English and 12 regional languages Indus OS users would need to click on Ola in the in-built messaging app Domestic smartphone operating system maker Indus OS company has

iOS 11 Bug Can Give Anyone Access to Your Photos

HIGHLIGHTS There is a big flaw in iOS 11 that Apple hasn’t patched yet The flaw lets an attacker gain access to Photos folder on victim’s iPhone The vulnerability can only be exploited in a certain circumstance A potential vulnerability found in the latest version of iOS

Google just released a developer version of its mysterious new ‘Fuchsia’ operating system

Google has released two main operating systems out into the world, and both of them have found success. The first is obviously Android, which is currently the most widely used mobile operating system on the planet. As of May of last year, Android counted more than 2

Operating System Vendors Rushing Out Fixes for Intel Chip Flaw

Today’s topics include operating system vendors’ efforts to issue a fix for an Intel chip flaw; Microsoft’s acquisition of Avere Systems for its cloud data management technology; Google’s new Community Connectors that link Data Studio to web data resources; and the potential benefits of T-Mobile’s early tests

Apple on Spectre, Meltdown Vulnerabilities: All Mac, iOS Devices Affected

HIGHLIGHTS Apple said recent updates protect its devices from Meltdown Mac and iOS devices still affected by Spectre, but fix coming Spectre fix will involve a patch for its Safari browser On Thursday, Apple confirmed that all Mac systems and iOS devices are affected by Meltdown and Spectre chip flaws, but that no known exploits have impacted

One of Steve Jobs’ most famous Apple flops will be released for free in 2018

The Apple Lisa, one of the very first commercial computers with a graphical user interface. Next year, the Computer History Museum plans to release the Apple Lisa operating system for free, as open source. Apple Lisa was a famous Apple flop, selling only 10,000 units on a

Meet eelo: An Android-based operating system that doesn’t use Google services

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS control nearly 99 percent of mobile operating system, while the likes of Microsoft and BlackBerry tried to challenge but failed miserably in their effort. The significant market share means that consumers usually end up being locked to either Google or Apple’s ecosystem. For those