Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Becomes World’s Fifth Richest Person: Fortune

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Becomes World's Fifth Richest Person: Fortune


  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now the fifth wealthiest man in the world
  • Zuckerberg’s net worth hit $72.7 billion on Thursday
  • Facebook recently reached two billion monthly users across the globe

Following Facebook’s second quarter earnings report that showed the company’s stocks hit record high, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has achieved a personal milestone too, becoming the world’s fifth richest person.

According to a report in Fortune on Thursday, Zuckerberg’s net worth hit $72.7 billion (roughly Rs. 4,66,466 crores) on Thursday. This increase of more than $3 billion (roughly Rs. 19,248 crores) sent him past Mexico’s Carlos Slim to become the world’s fifth-richest man.

“Zuckerberg’s wealth is largely tied up in Facebook stock, meaning it rises and falls along with the company’s shares,” the report noted.

The social networking giant has been showing positive results since the beginning of 2017. Its shares have risen more than 50 per cent and reached two billion monthly users across the globe.

According to Forbes’ real-time rankings of the world’s billionaires, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos overtook Bill Gates to become the richest person in the world.

Bezos, who is also Chairman and Chief Executive of the Seattle-based company, was worth almost $91 billion after Amazon’s share price rose more than one percent in morning trading in New York, the Independent reported.

That has put his fortune ahead of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. The latter has a net worth of around $90.7 billion (roughly Rs. 5,81,899 crores) and has been at the top of Bloomberg’s rich list since 2013.


Xiaomi Takes $1-Billion Loan to Drive Retail Push, Expansion Overseas

Xiaomi Takes $1-Billion Loan to Drive Retail Push, Expansion Overseas


  • Xiaomi has taken a $1 billion loan to speed up brick and mortar stores
  • It follows a three-year $1 billion syndicated loan in 2014
  • Xiaomi shipped 23.16 million smartphones in the second quarter of 2017

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Inc said on Friday it had signed a deal for a new $1 billion loan to accelerate its drive into brick-and-mortar stores and help a push overseas.

The three-year syndicated loan comes as China’s tech giants look to diversify their businesses as e-commerce growth slows, with rivals from Baidu Inc to Alibaba pushing into new areas from cloud computing to artificial intelligence.

It follows a three-year $1 billion (roughly Rs. 6,418 crores) syndicated loan in 2014.

Xiaomi has seen a recent return to form in phone sales after being hit by competition from rival Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and brands Vivo and Oppo.

The firm shipped 23.16 million smartphones in the second quarter of 2017, up 70 percent from the previous quarter, marking a record high for its quarterly smartphone shipments, it said in a statement.

The loan, which was coordinated globally by Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley, involved participation from 18 banks in Europe, the Middle East, India, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

“The global syndicate of top-tier banks is a strong endorsement of Xiaomi by the international capital markets,” Xiaomi Chief Financial Officer Shou Zi Chew said.

The statement from Xiaomi, which also makes cameras and TVs and was briefly the world’s most valuable startup following its last round of fundraising in 2014, confirms a report from Reuters LPC on Wednesday.


Apple Gets US FCC Licence to Test 5G Wireless Broadband on Millimetre Wave Networks

Apple Gets US FCC Licence to Test 5G Wireless Broadband on Millimetre Wave Networks


  • The approval may mark beginning of the journey of 5G-enabled iPhones
  • Apple has applied for FCC approval earlier this year
  • The company’s future products may also benefit with 5G testing

Apple has been granted licence to test the next generation of wireless technology, 5G, specifically its millimetre wave networks. The approval has been offered by the US FCC for an experimental licence to test next-generation 5G broadband wireless in two locations near California. Back in May, Apple was reported to have applied to test millimetre wave technology.

According to an earlier report, the two experimental testing location for the 5G wireless technology were Milpitas, California, on Yosemite Drive, and the other one on Mariana Avenue adjacent to Apple’s headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop.

The approval for testing 5G cellular networks by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) opens up a wide opportunity for the company’s future products including those in the iPhone and iPad lineup. DSLReports first cited the FCC approval, and adds that the application makes “particular reference to using the 28GHz and 39GHz bands.”

In its application for testing the technology to FCC, Apple had noted, “Apple seeks to assess cellular link performance in direct path and multipath environments between base station transmitters and receivers using this spectrum. These assessments will provide engineering data relevant to the operation of devices on wireless carriers’ future 5G networks.”

The company might be testing the 5G wireless for now but the tech could come in handy for Apple’s future projects like an augmented reality glass with access of high bandwidth, as well as self-driving cars which could be the biggest gainer from the 5G testing with up to 1GB data speed per second helping in navigating the car to its course. We can also expect the tech to finally be available on iPhone models though it is unlikely that we may see 5G-ready iPhone models before next year. Currently, Apple’s iPhone lineup doesn’t support even Gigabit LTE, something that rival manufacturers like Samsung have already brought to the market.


Local engineers secure internet-connected toys from hackers

ARAPAHOE COUNTY – For all the fun and games that come with a toy, Tyler Bell’s job is a little fun, but no game, he says, when it comes to security.

“There’s a lot of things that get hacked nowadays,” Bell says.

He is the Director of Application Security for ViaWest Professional Services. Bell worked with the Sphero toy company to make the latest internet-connected Spider-Man toy more secure.

“All the moving pieces, what’s talking to what, how is it doing so?” Bell says.

Bell says hackers can use internet-connected toys to steal private data off your phone or computer.

“Take and store sensitive information such as your name, address, social security numbers, emails,” Bell says.

Bell and his ViaWest team had to have the “mindset of a hacker” to find holes and vulnerabilities in the toy’s functions, especially while connected to the internet.

“I think we do an awesome job at securing these types of devices, but nothing is impenetrable, nothing’s unhackable,” Bell says.

The real answer, he says, is for parents to see past the fun and games and be serious about the toys their kids bring into the house. Bell suggests getting a privacy statement from manufacturers about their toys.

“Folks shouldn’t be scared off from using these types of toys and devices,” Bell says. “They should just be aware of what they do.”


Golden Rules for Building the Perfect Web Design Portfolio

A portfolio of all your work is essential if you are looking for your next design job, be it full time or freelance. Employers and clients need to see your abilities, from which they will form a quick impression of how well you can execute their needs. By publishing your most spellbinding samples, you will be able to create a beneficial promotional tool that should work to expand your business opportunities. If you don’t have a portfolio yet, there is no better time than now to start building one. It will establish your credibility and expand your professional network. It could also help you in monetizing your blog for your web design endeavor.

You must understand that a personal portfolio is basically all about promoting yourself. With an online web design portfolio, you will get the chance to exhibit your work on a medium that accurately displays the work that you do. Potential clients will get a chance to see your amazing work and interact with your portfolio.

When you are creating a portfolio of your work, there are many things that you will need to consider — what to include, ways to describe them, ways to optimize your samples to how to promote your work. Listed below are a few tips and tricks that will help you in building that perfect portfolio.

Incorporate Your Finest Design Examples

The key to creating an excellent portfolio is remembering that quality wins over quantity every time. Just because you have worked on several projects, doesn’t mean that you should include all of them. Likely, not every project you worked on was fantastic. Take time to go through all your work and pick out only the ones that you feel are impeccable. Select works that exhibit the diversity of your experience and ability. It is also a good idea to include only the most recent of your samples. This will ensure that your portfolio accurately reflects your current expertise and skills. If you are just starting out and do not have much work to display, you can include mock-ups, personal design projects and the assignments that you did in school. This way you will also be able to express your unique vision and style.

Include Details

Do not upload pictures on your website just because they look good. Each picture must have a story to tell. Your design must always give the viewers a sense behind the work and what it has helped the organization to achieve. The story that you tell through your design must be able to express your role, the process that you adopted and its success. Be to-the-point so that people will have a reason to hire you. You might also consider creating a case study for each of the pieces. However, do not include it all on the same page. Create an option where the users can click to gather additional details. Your story must have a great beginning and an interesting conclusion.

Use a Call to Action

The best way to create an amazing portfolio is by first asking yourself what you expect from it. Some people might just want to increase their traffic and attract more readers, while others might want to get find a design job. Some also create a portfolio so that people can simply know who they are and what they do. You should have a clear idea in your mind regarding your expectations.

The Challenges of Cloud Integration
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A call-to-action button on each page will help accomplish your goal. For instance, if you want to get a new job, you could include a “Hire Me” button. This call-to-action button can be linked to your portfolio, blog or the contact page.

Highlight the Job You Want

It is always a good idea to highlight the job that you are interested in. Focusing on a niche that you are good at, or are interested in, can prove to be highly beneficial for you. This makes it easier for the client to anticipate your needs. For instance, if you specialize in a particular area of design, don’t forget to highlight it. It might be possible that you are transitioning to a new field, then you need to isolate any prior work and highlight only what you wish to do now.

Keep Updating as You Keep Improving

To maintain an impressive portfolio, reflect your talent well and keep updating the showcase as often as possible. Be sure to get rid of the pieces that you feel no longer reflect your best work.

As you keep on working for new clients, you are also getting the chance to create wonderful pieces for your portfolio. Even if you feel that the project isn’t very motivating, you must be sure that quality work is ensured each time. This will provide you with better opportunities in the future that can aid in further expanding your portfolio.

Website Optimization

No matter how great your website looks, it isn’t going to help you in any way if it isn’t optimized. By optimizing the images and the site as a whole, you make it easier for the audience to connect with you. Your site will rank higher in the search engine results and that helps to grab better opportunities.

You can optimize the images by resizing or compressing them. There are several tools that can help you with that. Ensure that your site loads quickly and the audience knows how to get in touch with you. Try including a contact form on each page. Learn the basics of SEO and implement them. You should notice that your site has started performing much better.

Be Straightforward

It is crucial to understand that no one is going to waste time in dealing with portfolios that have a complicated design or navigation. What you need to do is be absolutely straightforward with your website. When a prospective client visits your website, they should see only your best work.

Never try to slow the visitors by trying something that you have never done before. Choose something that is simple and yet elegant. Also, make sure that your site works perfectly well on all the popular browsers. If your site takes too much time to load or if your website appears to be broken, then there is an excellent chance that the lost viewers will never return.

Once you have designed your portfolio, remember to promote it so that people know about it. For clients seeking design talent, you have to bear in mind that it is your portfolio that shows that you are a professional. It is through your portfolio that the people will know that you have the ability to create amazing designs that will help their businesses achieve top goals.

Think of your portfolio as a tool for promoting your work and soon you will be able to impress potential clients.


Heartland Tech Weekly: ‘The world of software jobs is flattening’

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Today’s report about a 6.7 percent drop in software-related job postings over the past five years for San Jose, California should surprise no one. This shift is consistent with two themes that we’ve reported on and points to a tipping point. Have we reached “peak” Silicon Valley?

First, the cost of doing business — from wages, to rents, to costs, is much higher in Silicon Valley and other established tech centers than across the rest of America.

Second, as one industry after the next continues to embrace new technologies, every company becomes a “tech” company. Or maybe they always were, but just not in the strictest sense of the word. Certainly a 100 year-old business like Parker-Hannifin is arguably just as innovative, or more so, than many Silicon Valley companies.

“Although Silicon Valley will almost certainly remain among the nation’s top tech hubs for decades to come, the world of software jobs is flattening — both by industry and geography,” writes Richard Chamberlain, chief economist at Glassdoor. “The big winners in coming years are likely to be the lower-cost U.S. metros with fast-growing tech clusters that have attracted a rising share of software job postings in recent years.”

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Thanks for reading,
Blaise Zerega
Editor in Chief

P.S. Please enjoy this video from Entrepreneur, “You Don’t Need to Be in Silicon Valley to Grow Your Business.”


This map shows San Jose, California -- the heart of Silicon Valley -- saw its share of new software jobs fall over the past years.

Silicon Valley’s share of software jobs falls as new tech hubs rise

New software jobs are being created outside Silicon Valley and other tech centers faster than ever. Over the past five years, cities like Seattle, D.C., Detroit, and Austin, among others, have all seen rapid growth in software-related job openings, according to a new report from online job site Glassdoor. Meanwhile, San Jose, California’s share of all […]

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This image shows a map of Ohio representing how As allure of Silicon Valley fades, some Midwestern natives migrate home for better opportunities.

Why Midwesterners leave Silicon Valley and go home for better opportunities

Each week, I check in with Travis McCleery, who leads product design for Root, an insurance company that uses data collected from drivers’ smartphones to more fairly price and sell auto insurance. Today, our conversation was about engaging specific designers that work for Silicon Valley tech companies, have Midwest roots, and are ready to move back. […]

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5 groups push to increase diversity among Texas startups

Entrepreneurs and investors often lament the lack of diversity in tech in Texas. But a few organizations, and people, are going beyond just talk and are actively working to better even the playing field for underrepresented entrepreneurs. For this piece, Crunchbase News spoke with several Texas-based groups about their efforts to promote diversity in technology […]

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This image shows Columbus, Ohio was ranked 28th overall in the 2017 CBRE Scoring Tech Talent Report.

Silicon Valley tech firms power job growth in the hinterlands

The growth speaks for itself. The concentration of tech talent in Madison, Wisconsin increased by more than 30 percent over the past two years. In Fort Lauderdale, Kansas City (Missouri), Miami, and Salt Lake City, there were gains of more than 20 percent. Oh, and Omaha, Pittsburgh, and Columbus, Ohio? They each registered rises of […]

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Beyond VB

Pittsburgh reimagines the business district

Much like it reinvented itself after the collapse of the steel industry and the decline of coal, in many ways, Pittsburgh has re-imagined the traditional business district. While there are still business hubs geographically concentrated in some of the city’s neighborhoods, they’ve been joined in recent years by a swath of incubators and co-working spaces that have allowed a wide variety of tech startups to get off the ground in the Steel City. (via Crain’s)

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Report: Michigan no longer a flyover state for venture capital

While Michigan has become a hot spot for startup funding, Detroit has been boiling in recent years, according to a new Michigan Venture Capital Association study. The 2017 Detroit Entrepreneurial Study revealed Detroit’s startup community has grown 50 percent in the past three years, now making up a quarter of the state’s fledging companies. Last year, 14 of the city’s 35 startup companies attracted more than $62 million in seed investment, the study found. (via Crain’s Detroit Business)

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Tech jobs are spreading to other parts of the country

When we think of tech, we think Silicon Valley. But that could change. Places like Omaha, Nebraska and Philadelphia are becoming promising areas for startups to develop and grow. In this series, we’re looking for cities that might become home to the next big thing. (via Marketplace)

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Lonely Photos of Daily Life in the Rust Belt

Greek photographer Niko J. Kallianiotis’s earliest memory of America is from Astoria, Queens, where he witnessed the shocking dichotomy between big-city affluence and homelessness. When his father moved to Scranton, Pennsylvania, in the early 1990s, his mother remained in Athens, and he traveled back and forth. “I was caught between two cultures and countries,” he said. His search for his own identity began here in his late teens. (via Vice)


This Startup Netted $75 Million to Wring The Most Out of Your Software

Walkme president Rephael Sweary

WalkMe, a company that helps businesses make the best use of the software they already have, now has $75 million in fresh funding to do that. This Series E round, led by Insight Venture Partners, brings total funding to $167.5 million.

WalkMe’s software tracks what users do with their business applications, collects that knowledge, and then prompts them to action when they run into a problem. WalkMe is also designed to help users who don’t have the time or inclination to study new features to use what they need (and not have to learn what they don’t need.)

“Enterprise companies now use cloud, but cloud changes all the time,” says WalkMe’s president Rephael “Rafi” Sweary. “The appeal is it prompts them to proceed in their processes with all the context in place.”

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Fortune 500 company might use WalkMe to help its salespeople use Salesforce (CRM, +1.07%) and then the HR department with Workday (WDAY, +0.17%).

Major WalkMe customers include Adobe (ADBE, -0.88%), Mastercard (MA, +0.36%), AT&T (T, +3.09%), and Cisco (CSCO, +0.82%).

The company, with primary offices in Tel Aviv and San Francisco, will use the money to build its business in Japan, Germany, and other non-English-speaking markets. And some money will likely go to acquisitions, Sweary says.

The company bought Abbi.io, a mobile analytics specialist, and Jaco, which offers visual analytics, earlier this year. Terms were not disclosed. Other WalkMe investors include Scale Venture Partners and Gemini Israel Ventures.

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Constellation Research analyst Alan Lepofsky puts WalkMe into a category called Digital Adoption Platforms or modern-day help systems.

The big difference between WalkMe and traditional help systems, according to Lepofsky, is that in the background, this software collects information about user behavior and patterns and guides administrators on how to smooth out trouble spots. “This leads to better employee and customer experiences,” Lepofsky says.

Other companies in this online help space include Appcues, AppLearn, Inline Manual, Iridize, Toonimo, and WhatFix, Lepofsky notes.


Gujarat floods: Social media comes to the rescue as govt reaches out to locals, coordinates relief work

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani during an aerial survey of flood affected areas of Banaskatha districts of Gujarat. PTI

Even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a relief of Rs 500 crore after taking an aerial survey of the flood affected areas of Gujarat on Tuesday, many villages around the Deesa city of Banaskantha district continue to remain cut off because the bridges and roads en route have been washed away.

The intensity of the rains has reduced on Wednesday and the relief and rescue efforts continue in north Gujarat. Over 45,000 people in north Gujarat and Saurashtra have been shifted to safer places. As many as 22,000 people have been evacuated from Banskantha, the  worst affected region of the state.

The brighter side of the flood situation is that several dams in drought-prone Saurashtra and northern Gujarat regions are filling up. So, while the rains continue to damage roads and lead to temporary closure of state highways, shortage of water is one area which the BJP will not have to battle with in an election year. Gujarat is slated to go to polls later this year.

Administrative officials maintain that relief and rescue work is on and additional NDRF teams have also been deployed. On Wednesday, more than 100 people were rescued by the army and power had been restored in Dhanera taluka however, over 20 state highways and over 300 village roads continue to be dysfunctional.

So far, at least 83 people have died in monsoon rains since the season began and in the last three days, 10 people have died in floods.

Rescue work in flood affected areas of Banaskantha continues to be on via both air and ground routes and local administrative officials admit that timely alert and evacuation have enabled them to avert a major disaster.

For the administration, the extensive use of social media has also been a boon in reaching out to the locals. Collector of Banskantha, Dilip Rana said, “We have been receiving messages on our Twitter handles and on Whatsapp and we were able to respond immediately.” He said that social media is very useful for coordinating relief work and disseminating information. Principal Secretary Pankaj Kumar has been updating his Twitter account with information about relief and rescue operations and to post alerts. All collectors of the affected areas have been asked to take all alerts on social media and Whatsapp seriously and communicate effectively.Published Date: Jul 26, 2017 03:58 pm | Updated Date: Jul 26, 2017 04:16 pm


Zoho’s New Operating System Zoho One Bundles All Its 35+ Apps, Costs Just $1 A Day Per User

Image result for Zoho’s New Operating System Zoho One Bundles All Its 35+ Apps, Costs Just $1 A Day Per User

“At $1 a day, we are licensing not just our apps but peace of mind for our customers,” stated Sridhar Vembu, founder Zoho, at the launch of its new operating system for business, Zoho One.  Zoho One is an all-in-one suite of applications to run an entire business—across every function and organisational group. It includes more than 35 integrated web applications and some 55+ mobile apps. More so, all of this comes with a single sign-on and with centralised administration and provisioning at a price of $30 or INR 1,000 per month, per employee.

With Zoho One, a company has all the applications it needs to acquire and serve its customers (marketing, sales, and support apps) and run operations (finance, recruiting, and related HR apps). Also, it can provide all the tools for its employees to work collaboratively and get their work done (office suite, mail, personal productivity, and collaboration apps). Or, as Sridhar puts it, a whole enterprise can be run on the platform. The best part is that all of this is being offered in a single contract, negating the need for multiple contracts and multiple renewal cycles.

zoho-zoho one

Sridhar stated, “This is the unravelling of a strategy that has been in the works for 10 years. A suite like this typically costs hundreds of dollars and even then customers have to do software rationing. With Zoho One, not only are we doing away with the problem of rationed software but also making enterprise applications available to SMBs at consumer prices.”

Till now, Zoho has offered application bundles including CRM Plus, Workplace for office productivity and Finance Plus. Zoho One is the first time that it has offered all of its software bundled for one price. In fact, the price of Zoho One is less than what Zoho charges for some of its applications and bundles.

However, Zoho will still license individual apps and offer bundled suites and existing customers will not be forced to update their plans. In total, the company has now the breadth and depth of products from SMBs to large enterprise organisations. The three models—individual app licenses, bundled suites, and an all-in-one package with Zoho One —represent an approach similar to that of Google and Microsoft. In fact, Zoho will now be competing against the two software giants in many of these categories.

zoho-zoho one

The most noteworthy aspect of Zoho One is that it dispenses with traditional vendor pricing strategies like upgrades, add-ons, and multi-year contracts with one simple invoice for the entire organisation. As Sridhar says, “At Zoho, we fully embrace the consumerisation of IT. We believe that software should be ubiquitously available.”

Zoho One will also be offering hundreds of integration points across its applications. These integrations connect sales, marketing, customer support, accounting, human resources, and other activities, while also fostering communication and collaboration amongst colleagues, customers, and vendors. Contextual integrations bring in relevant information from other apps to improve the effectiveness of any app.

This approach simplifies the “Integration spaghetti” dilemma faced by companies. This is because the traditional approach to integration involves large budgets and armies of expensive IT consultants to integrate application silos from multiple vendors, a privilege restricted to large companies with deep pockets. With Zoho One, sophisticated software will now be available to every business.

Zoho One: Running An Enterprise At $1 A Day

With its disruptive pricing of $1 a day per user, Zoho is setting the benchmarking in software licensing.

Zoho Chief Evangelist, Raju Vegesna stated, “This comes as a welcome change for a market littered with vendors with bloated business models offering individual, overpriced applications. Zoho One changes the game by offering an all-you-can-eat application suite at an unheard of price.”

zoho-zoho one

Sridhar claims that the product has already signed up hundreds of users even without a formal launch. He adds that they are preparing for a deluge of users, a reason which made them accelerate the launch from September to July 2017. Some of these customers include online publishing platform Notion Press and online financial portal 5paisa.com.

The idea is to dispense with traditional vendor pricing strategies like upgrades, add-ons, multi-year contracts, and usage restrictions. They effectively chain the customer to the vendor and it was something which Sridhar always wanted to attack. He said, “This is how we always wanted the world to be. It is one of the reasons for developing Zoho One as I was personally sick of the tricks salespeople of software vendors play on clients.”

zoho-zoho one

With this competitive pricing and availability in multiple languages, Zoho is preparing itself for the next years, where it aims to target a billion paying users (Current user base is 30 Mn) as more and more people come online. It will be interesting to see how many organisations will make the switch for Zoho One and how bigger competitors will respond to Zoho’s aggressive pricing.


Flipkart Grand Gadget Day Sale Offers: Deals on Laptops, Cameras, Tablets, and More

Flipkart Grand Gadget Day Sale Offers: Deals on Laptops, Cameras, Tablets, and More


  • Gaming laptops are listed with up to Rs. 20,000 off on exchange
  • Moto headphones are free with Canon EOS 700D DSLR camera
  • Chromecast 2 is up for grabs at Rs. 3,199

Flipkart is hosting one sale after the other, and now it’s begun its Grand Gadget Days, with a host of gaming hardware, laptops, cameras, and audio accessories offers and deals. The Flipkart Grand Gadget Days will go on till July 26, and the three-day festival has personal grooming gadgets under Rs. 999 as well.

In this sale, Flipkart has listed laptops with Intel Core i3 and Intel Core i5 processors starting from Rs. 26,990 and Rs. 41,990 respectively. Budgets laptops from Acer, iBall, Lava, and Micromax start from as low as Rs. 10,499. Gaming laptops are listed with up to Rs. 20,000 on exchange for all those interested in heavy-duty processing and graphics. Furthermore, 2-in-1 laptops are listed from Rs. 25,990 and AIO desktops from Intel Intel, Lenovo, and HP start at Rs. 32,490. All laptop deals can be seen here.

With respect to cameras, the Cannon EOS 700D DSLR camera is up for grabs for Rs. 39,499, and Flipkart is offering Moto headphones worth Rs. 6,999 for free with the purchase. An extra 5 percent off on Axis Bank Buzz credit cards is also applicable. The GoPro Hero 5 sports and action camera is also up for grabs for Rs. 36,100. You can see all the cameras and their accessories deals here.

Tablets from Lenovo, Apple, Samsung, Micromax, iBall, and many more have great discounts and offers. The new iPad Pro starting from Rs. 49,900 is up for pre-order and is expected to be shipped on July 28. There’s a No Cost EMI option on select other Apple iPads, and if you’re looking for a budget tablet, then the Lenovo Phab 2 series has an extra Rs. 1,000 off as well. All the tablet deals can be viewed here.

Audio accessories like headphones, speakers, and Home Theatre systems are also listed. Chromecast 2 is up for grabs at Rs. 3,199 with the Axis Bank Buzz credit card offer applicable for further 5 percent discount. All the audio deals can be seen here.

Deals on gaming hardware, accessories, and CDs can be found here, and personal and health care gadget deals are listed here. There’s also a section where products under Rs. 999 are listed, and the list can be found here.